January 2nd, 2014

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Raise It Up: 2013 & Fandom in Review

For purposes of future nostalgia, a 2013 wrap-up post. RL-wise I guess stuff happened; I earned by BA, I quit my job, got into grad school, moved from San Diego to Ann Arbor, signed my first-ever solo lease, and completed my first semester of my PhD program. I also went on four awesome, unforgettable vacations:

1-week trip to Twin Cities+Madison+northern WI
3-day camping roadtrip of Napa Valley/North Bay, CA
2-week camping roadtrip of the Pacific Northwest+ID+MT
3-day backpacking trip to Point Reyes, CA

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Fandom-wise, life was pretty uneven. I didn't watch S8 as it aired, and I didn't really write anything until mid-2013. geckoholic and I took over hoodie_time as the two main mods, and in terms of my performance I think "uneven" applies once again!

hoodie_time: For the first four months or so of 2013, I read and commented on every single fanwork posted to HT that was under 100k. I just wanted to reorient myself with respect to the fandom, and get to know it really well, and that seemed like the best course of action. Basically what this means is, if you've ever posted or commented on anything at hoodie_time, I know who you are, and I've probably stalked your journal. XD We held a few events that were more or less successful an always quite a bit of fun, and I started (unevenly) doing Throwback Thursdays to old moments of Dean H/C through the years, which people seem to like, which is cool. In 2014, I'd like to be more energetic about HT events, and roundups of H/C things and all that jazz. My dream is for someone to post at least one thing to HT every single day of 2014.

Reading/Reccing: Outside of HT, I really didn't read particularly widely or prolifically. But I did read and comment everything written for HT's two comment memes and themed week this year, and everything posted for spn_summergen! I recced things more regularly than I have in the past, but there is room for improvement there. Even so, I think my main contribution to fandom in 2013 was commenting a lot, haha, and (hopefully!) improving the way I comment on fic/art. My resolution for 2014? Do even more of that, to an even more improved degree!

Writing: UH, CAN WE SAY "UNEVEN" AGAIN? I had a lot of fun writing in the August/September/October/November part of 2013, at least? But I didn't write with anywhere near the regularity nor the discipline I would have liked. Looking back on what I did write, I guess I'm kind of 'eh' about my corpus of fic, haha. I think I'm still in that phrase where I really just need to write, and write more, and then write some more, and get in the habit of just putting it out there and developing a well-oiled routine and a familiar confidence in what I'm about. My favorite part about my writing this year was probably how much I wrote for S9 (which in retrospect is not a whole lot, but still), as S9 was airing. This is highly unusual for me!

My personal top 3 for 2013:

-- Scissor Sisters, which is about Meg Masters, and Meg the demon, and all the various fluttering incarnations and combinations in between. This one was a lot of fun in terms of experimenting with the craft of writing, and opened up the intricacies of possession and post-possession to me in ways I found crazy intriguing.

-- April Kelly's Body, which is about the reaper inside of April Kelly, and the woman April Kelly used to be. Because I adore April Kelly, fuck the world. XP It also continues my obvious fascination with vessel/otherworldly being dynamics, possession, and the body.

-- Superman, which is about Dean at age 16. I really just wrote this to write something, anything--without caring, looking back, or really doing much of anything to it. It ended up being fairly popular (in that kind of appalling way where you just wonder 'uh, why this one? why not something I actually worked on? D;), but in retrospect, I really, really love Dean's voice in this, and just--the moment of it. In ways that I do not often love the Dean I write.

And 1327 for obvious reasons.

I want to like my Big Bang, and I appreciate the two fics I wrote for spn_summergen, as well as my long tag for 9x07, but ehhhhh, ultimately I'm kind of on the fence about the longer fics.

I also had some fandom firsts:

-- wrote fairly regular episode reaction posts
-- attended a fan-run SPN convention, winchestmidwest
-- recorded a podfic & posted it publicly
-- cosplayed as Meg (in my house, XP)
-- participated/am participating for the first time in spn_reversebang, fandomaid, and spn_j2_xmas
-- started a SPN comm, spn_s9 (and then promptly abandoned it, er, but I'll get back on that horse shortly)

2013 was also the first time I've paid full-price to see a movie in theatres not once, but twice (Fast 6).

In summary, 2013 was UNEVEN but good for commenting on stuff. XD