January 8th, 2014




That is:

Wellllll I tried to go home today, but It Happened in Detroit so I am stuck in Atlanta until Thursday afternoon, apparently. I've never been to Georgia outside of the airport before! It's nice here. I don't really know how to describe it besides "deciduous," but it's definitively not the Bay, and not San Diego, and not Ann Arbor.

It's also a testament to the enduring power of "Kalliel is not allowed to travel anywhere" though at least this time no one else can travel anywhere, either, so I'm not alone! (FINALLY.) And while I maybe randomly stuck in Atlanta for two days, it is also a testament to the enduring power of fandom, because a good fandom friend of many, many years, kuchren, has kindly taken me in for the duration. <3 These are not the circumstances under which I envisioned our first-ever IRL meeting, but hey, there you go. And the university sent an e-mail saying no one was going to be dropped from their classes for not attending the first day due to weather complications, so yay. Because uh, I'm missing my entire first week. :F

Actually getting to Detroit on Thursday, and finding my baggage, and then getting to Ann Arbor will probably be a separate shitstorm unto itself, but for now I cannot have hoped for this inconvenience to be as convenient as it is.

We also saw the second Hobbit movie tonight; way better than the first one! Super fun and cinematic--I didn't even think it was two hours over-long, but I guess that may also be a function of being very fond of suspending reality and indulging in a little escapism right now, haha. My only complaint-ish would be all that Kili/Tauriel, which did feel a bit long. XP I liked Tauriel well enough on her own, though. I LIKED THE BARRELS VERY MUCH. BARREL RIDING. BARREL RIDERS.
free fall

If S2 is S9, then I guess I actually do like S2!



I just accidentally saw a spoiler (thanks a lot, Twitter. But to be fair I guess "Dean's face" isn't really a SPOILER spoiler--or I guess it shouldn't be? isn't for most normal people?)

but it makes me so happy.

It just makes me so happy.

This has been a post about Dean Winchester, who is not happy.

...I must resist rewatching all of S9 again.

Though I gotta say--S4/5/6/7 benefit a lot from watching the whole series all in a row, in order to get the full effect of it. While I don't think S9 necessarily works SUPER well as a series of stand-alone episodes (i.e. S2's claim to fame), I do think that I prefer the buffer of time in between each episode, because they are so ridiculously, sumptuously rich in opportunities for speculation, evaluation, revision, and elaboration.

That's the real strength of S9; and really, when you have nine seasons (or hell, three seasons)? that's the strength you should be aiming for.

Having had that insight, I may need to revise my opinion of S2's mytharc (my earlier opinion being OMG I AM DYING, KILL ME, lol), because everything I found grating watching all the S9 episodes in a row (the meditated, glacial rise to some distant climax, the Ezekiel storyline) is actually my favorite part about S9, broken down into episode-length pieces. If I think about Dean's Secret About Sam and the Psychic!Kid Sam from S2 the way I think about Dean's Secret Abut Sam and Possessed!Kid Sam in S9, I feel like I can totally get down with that!

* To clarify, I don't, and have never, disliked S2. I adore S2! There are just things I do not adore at all about S2. Like the plot. And Sam's hair (from 2x01 to AT LEAST 2x08). XD But also the plot. Well, I liked Boy King Sam quite a lot; he just never got to be Boy King Sam, really. Blah blah yammer yammer yammer---!