January 20th, 2014

free fall

Random thoughts on SPN & fandom.

I still haven't seen 9x10. BUT TOMORROW IS TUESDAY so I need to see it ASAP (tonight?????) or I will never, ever catch up. But life is much more zen now, so I am so totally on the brink of sorting fandom life out, and then everything will be amazing.

* There's something called a wipbigbang, which is tempting, because I have untold numbers of WIPs that have been WIPs for years. So head's up if any of you are in a similar state! As for me, if 2013 was the year of trying new challenges, I think 2014 will be the year of dedicatedly not joining any challenges, with the exception of spn_j2_bigbang and spn_summergen.

Having sampled quite a bit of everything SPN fandom has to offer challenge-wise (with the exception of the many, many, many bangs we have), summergen is faaaaar and away my very favoritest, both as a writer and a reader. <333

I'm going to finish my spn_reversebang, write my fandomaid stories, re-write my spn_j2_xmas fic, and then I will not commit to anything!!!!!!!!! except BB and later, summergen. Which hopefully will mean that I'll actually write some of my own, unprompted ideas, which I've simply never gotten around to.

* Since I haven't seen the episode, I've spent an unusual (for me) amount of time viewing CCA videos and picspams. It's not something I'm usually all that interested in, but if you nee a spoiler-free SPN fix, you need a spoiler-free SPN fix, what can I say. And J2 are lovely in every possible way. This is my #1 favorite SPN interview spot in the world! Usually these red carpet things are insanely unsubstantial and often rather inane, but idk, there's a really sincere, easy energy to this one that I adore. The interviewer absolutely rocks it. <3

* I don't think Heaven and Hell actually resemble anything we've seen on screen. Zachariah (RIP my love!) mentions in 5x16 that we see angels as their meatsuits in Heaven because we're "limited"--which I take to mean, more specifically, that humans don't have the acuity/range of sensory perception to make sense of these alternate planes at all, and they just default into culturally-conditioned ideas of them, as per the Ganzfeld effect. Demons are somewhat beyond this, but as they have their origins in damned human souls, even they can't quite grasp Hell. If a demon spends a lot of time topside, taking in the habits and sensations of their bodies, and is then exorcized, it's like some kind of horrible celestial culture shock when they end up back in Hell. Conversely, the only reason people ever make it through Hell in once piece (er, more or less) is because whatever horrors they remember, it's only a fraction of what they failed utterly to be able to conceptualize, and forgot.

* Please talk about H/C case!fic with me! :D?

where&#39;s perry

3 Degrees of Separation...

Also guys, I totally owe the Internet an apology for this Jared Padalecki/Justin Bieber thing. Devil worship and my voodoo bookshelf are to blame:

SPN S2/4/5/6 are currently wandering the USPS & may never find their way home. :(

Obviously Justin Bieber's penchant for bizarre music videos (not unlike Free Willy's music video, which is Michael Jackson set to RANDOM FOOTAGE OF SWIMMING WHALES) allowed his influence to penetrate Free Willy. Paul Walker's daughter, Meadow, really likes Justin Bieber, so he got to hop through the Fast series as well, and ended up smack in a confrontation with SPN (which permeates Fast by sharing Dominic Toretto's appreciation for American muscle, and Free Willy because of 9x07's striking thematic resemblance to the first 9 minutes of Free Willy).

AND THAT IS WHY THE BELIEBERS AND SPN FANS HAVE COME INTO CONTACT. Or the Beliebers have found us, or something. I'm don't think this is as big a deal to (most of) us as it is to (most of) them. XP At least I hope not, because good heavens!

I actually really like this Belieber solidarity post, though. Totally behind that! Own it. <3