January 21st, 2014

free fall

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omg guys I just rewatched 9x09 and I don't know if I can emotionally handle three episodes of SPN all in one night; I need a shower.

This Kevin thing; my emotions are visceral. [Spoiler (click to open)]And you know, it's not even so much that he got killed (because I'm still not entirely convinced it will hold), but how and why. And he got his EYES BURNT OUT. STILL SMOKING, EMBERS SMILING. SMOLDERING DOWN. The smell of burnt flesh, like Mary's last memory, that roast she'd thought surely she must have left in the oven (a la 5x16)--

Okay, deep breath. Shower. 9x10. And 9x11. CAN'T HANDLE LIFE RIGHT NOW. XP And uh, I'm probably going to make quite a few of these silly posts tonight, so just keep scrolling. Scrolling is your friend! even if you'll wish I weren't
free fall

Well, that was absurdly good.



I leave you with my eulogy, titled "Words on 9x10":
Words cannot describe. I'm pretty sure Kate-who-lives-below-me is watching The Lord of the Rings, which is a good thing, because if she was distracted by hobbits and dwarves and Aragorn singing then she probably didn't hear me cry and then laugh and then shriek and then glee and then churn with emotion (whatever sound that makes), all in the same 42 minutes.

1. It's a good time to be a Dean!girl. :'D
2. Can we give Jared Padalecki all of the awards, please.
3. Except the one that is for Jensen Ackles.
4. And Crowley, who is relevant to me again (for the first time since like, S5).
5. Anyone recognize the lighting in that last scene from the promos? YEAH YOU DO. YEAH YOU DO.
6. And can a get a 'hell yeah' for the last shot? DEEP FOCUS/DEEP STAGING (AND AN AERIAL SHOT TO BOOT), which I associate with post-war cinema and the French New Wave (and also noir film and therefore S6 of SPN). Increasingly less common in Hollywoodland (and in SPNland, because both do so love their close-up, single-actor cuts), deep space emphasizes the distance between the bodies in a scene. My sparse knowledge of film ends there, but booyah!

Review of 9x09: Great concept episode, horrifically written. A good reminder that angels talking to other angels is, as of S4, one of the most painful things to ever occur on television. But in spite of this, totally wonderful.
Review of 9x10: Andrew Dabb should probably be the only one who is allowed to write Metatron; he's disturbingly good with him. Also, he was on fire with this entire episode because the script was improbably excellent. THE ENTIRE TIME. WHAT.

I wouldn't have minded a little more time/agency with Sam (e.g. a two-parter) but since we had to visit Oz and talk to some dogs and bring up virgins again, I guess we are on a deadline. XD <--- Which, while all true, I will also mention is my extremely flaccid critique of this episode, because really all I want to do is watch it again RIGHT NOW. And you know what? I just may.

And anyway, I will forever hold S5 up as the best example of "you spent all those episodes on antichrists and Irish witches and body swaps and NOW you realize you're out of time for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse? What did you think was going to happen???" XDDD And it shall never be dethroned. (No shade, S5. I love you. C'mere, you stupid thing! <3)

7. So world, you heard me about the awards and the Jared Padaleckis, right.
8. Also, Sam's last two lines.
9. Actually, that whole scene.
10. For real now. <3
fandom text

Let's See How Far We've Come

I have a confession to make, but I figure I'm in good company. I, uh, arranged my entire Friday with the express intention of having a big, honking, undisturbed block of time in which to write fic.

Because it's Dean's birthday.

I regret nothing.

Last night I was chatting with some lovely people on hoodie_time, and I tried to find this old fic I'd read about like, a poisonous porcupine (or something??). I did not succeed, but I did find my archived Firefox bookmarks from 2009/2010. That is, I found a link to every SPN fic I read when I was first getting into SPN fanodm, including about 30(!!!) fics I listed under "recs." I even descriptively retitled all the links, so I'd remember what the fic was about (somewhat less successfully than I probably intended, XP). A sample:

dean's warm socks by mimblexwimble (sound adorable? yeah, look at the author and THEN decide whether that is actually going to be adorable. do not make my mistake! D:)
ethereal tree!Winchesters by desertport (this is a much more accurate description than the first one)
crabfishing dean by janissa11 (also quite accurate!)

Is there a dedicated nostalgia soundtrack? There should totally be a dedicated nostalgia soundtrack. So if my next batch of recs is titled "old fics, some of which are written by people who haven't even been IN this fandom in half a decade," uh, that's why. XD

In keeping with the vibrato nostalgia pealing through the Internets, tomorrow is this journal's ninth anniversary: Its attention has spanned three main fandoms and several minor ones (the most recent, longest, and most prolific of these being, of course, Supernatural). It's been well worth every single minute. And the friendships have been worth far more than that. I love all of you, from fandoms past and present. ♥