January 22nd, 2014

free fall

If I write an actual reaction post, I will catch on fire, such is the heat of my fannish fervor.

I just want to remind the world that I wrote beekeeping curtain!fic probably around the time this episode was being written.

My name is Kalliel, and I am a Prophet of the Lord!

I'll be sending the collection plate around shortly; I accept offerings in the form of raw honey, essence of kracken, and sheathed corn.

Okay seriously, though. In how many fandoms would BEEKEEPING CURTAIN!FIC GET KRIPKE'D??? XD
free fall


Help, I have fallen into the pit of 'but esniiiiiiine!!!!!' and I cannot find my way back to S6, where my RBB takes place. Send flare guns!

Or help.

But mostly flare guns.

I know I've said this multiple times now, and I actually have rewatched 9x01-9x09 at least once, and snippets of everything egregiously more than that (I've seen the pins-and-needles scene from 9x09 like five times in the last 24 hours, uh). But I really want to rewatch it all! And fic it all! And luxuriate in it all. Good thing we've a two-week hiatus coming up. :P

OKAY FOR REAL THOUGH I AM SORRY FOR THE COPIOUS POSTS, THE MICRO POSTS, THE ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME but I am increasingly religiously opposed to Twitter and Tumblr, so LJ will just have to suffer through...everything.
free fall

Moratorium after this, I swear. I'm sorry. I just. XP


Philosophy 101: Giving Yourself Over to Allegory [A suggested line edit for 9x11]When Dean and THE BEEKEEPING DEMON Cain are communing with each other on an allegoric level, and Dean's like, "You killed your brother."

And Cain responds, "You saved yours."

I really wish the line had ended there, and Cain hadn't continued the line by asking, Why? The question emphasizes their difference, whereas its absence levels the acts of killing/saving without the comfort of automatically slotting them into their respective sides of the good/evil binary. Generally regarded as the flipsides of that coin (...obviously), their juxtaposition without interrogative instead asks the audience to recognize the wider fallouts attached to both. It asks the audience not to compare set paradigms of good and evil, but to recognize their possible cross-contaminations--and what has Supernatural done for nine seasons but force that question into the open, dance around it, bury it, reanimate it, and watch things be torn to pieces in an attempt to neutralize it?

You have Cain start asking why and suddenly The Question is, "Why would you save your brother?"

And uh... however one chooses to complicate that (and it can complicate very nicely, don't get me wrong) in the end, it basically just boils down to "because I like my brother, okay. :(" Which, cool, affirmations of brotherly love, who doesn't love those. But they're worth basically nothing if you don't also get to do all the other legwork surrounding the notion (see above). If it was, Sam and Dean would have been happy beekeepers for years already!

ECOLOGY 101: Demons as Keystone Species: I mentioned this as part of my Big Bang last year, but I still can't get over the whole 'sealing Hell' plan. I imagine the proliferation of demons and Purgatory's leftovers and now angels has damaged the world's socio-political and ecological balances irreparably, but I still maintain that if one were able to seal Hell completely, it wold probably do the planet more harm than good. Even if demons are quite literally an invasive species, their influence is vast, and they've probably totally shifted the local composition of every community and ecosystem they've infiltrated to the point that were they to vanish completely, the ecologies left in their wake would just collapse. A dilemma.

FORENSIC SCIENCE 101: The Demonic Wildcard: This was inspired by Gadreel's garden-variety homicide in 9x10, where he's like dum dum dum, washin' my hands in this dead guy's sink--don't mind me! Since he's an angel, I seriously doubt he's thinking about making sure he's not going to leave traces (not that the Winchesters tend to worry about this either--well, every 500 crimes, they worry once, XP).

But you know? The existence of the supernatural probably hinders the development of forensic science considerably, given that there's a completely different set of parameters and instances alien to any that our own forensic science has managed to overcome or reign in. I mean, if telephone lines makes it harder to EMF to detect ghosts, imagine what the presence of monsters (beyond the more distinctive leaving of cold spots, or emanations of sulfur) does to forensic science! Maybe fingerprints warp, DNA loses its structural integrity, bodies decay at abnormal rates, and surely there's all kinds of bizarre molecular bullshit going on in the blood analysis, tox screens, etc. Imagine the possibilities!

This is the kind of stuff that keeps me up at night.