January 25th, 2014

fandom text

Of course you should be afraid of the dark. You know what this show is capable of!

True story, there is actually no happiness in SPN. If you think there is, check under its bed. You'll hear the laciniate slither of toxic codependence, issues of consent, of agency, of wild self-loathing, of personal damage never addressed. You'll find, in a shoebox, the piles of dead inadequately mourned. You'll find the dog-eared pages of motives uninterrogated. You'll find marbles at a stand-still, because though the floorboards are warped, each plank uneven, unmeasured, knotted, a climate of suffocation and silence has has turned the air itself to sublimate. And in the darkness you will understand, in spite of your best efforts to defy it, that there is no end, and no escape.

And then SPN will hand you a .45.


THIS IS HOW I FEEL every time I try to sit down and write a fic that I would prefer did not inevitably snake its way back to how terrible everyone and everything is, and how ugly and snared and full of insinuation every line probably has to be. /O\