January 27th, 2014


Fandom Reccing Opportunities

Do you read a lot of fanworks ('read' here meaning fic, art, vids, etc.)? There's a lot of reccing stuff opening up lately, and YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GO FOR IT.

I know I said that reccing seems pretty un-efficacious as far as getting people to actually read things goes, and I still think that is largely pretty true (alas!) but if we bring back the entire institution of reccing, maybe that won't be the case!! (sawedoff_recs was actually supremely effective with this, while it was running.)

crack_impala, once a staple of SPN fandom's reccing world, seems to be interested in starting back up with some fresh blood. They rec all kinds of anything on a weekly basis (Mondays are for gen, Tuesdays are for Sam/Dean, etc.). Well, I actually don't know if Mondays are for gen, but you get the idea. They're looking for some new Impala-ettes. :)

spn_themes is also looking for new reccers on rotation. As a reccer there, you can rec according to different themes you choose for yourself, which gives you the opportunity to rec great niche things all at once (whether that niche is something huge like J2 or something small like "great codas to episodes no one liked").

And also! There's rocksalt_recs, where you're not part of a reccing staff, and you can just sign up for a given category of fanworks on a monthly basis. This is a lot more my speed, because either I'm reading EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD or nothing at all, it just depends on my whims. I like a monthly level of commitment. XD

And of course, there are approximately 500 different ways you can rec at hoodie_time, some of which are even anonymous if you're shy about your kinks. People-who-aren't-me-or-Gecko posting recs to hoodie_time always gets me super, super excited. <3

For the sake of balance, I'm sure there are equally as many ways of reccing at ohsam, too~ :)


And no, while the Minnesota History Museum's interactive exhibit about corn/the grain trade (i.e. what this icon is a reference to) has nothing to do with this post, hey. There was corn in 9x11. Relevant enough for me! There aren't nearly enough opportunities in which to use this icon. XD