February 5th, 2014

where's perry

Let's Star Trek IV this bitch.

While I was fixing tags today on hoodie_time, I noticed that both fics were 9x13 tags! This leads me to believe that this episode is very relevant to my interests! :D

Yup, predictable and proud of it. Though truth be told Dean H/C and I are not on speaking terms right now, because it's difficult to write and that makes my life hard. >:(

On the upside, I lived a new episode of Plights Writing for Supernatural Makes You Sympathetic To this morning. I was trudging through the snow and trying to figure out under what pretense I could turn the Winchesters into whales--as one does--and I'd just decided that THEY'D BE WHALES, THIS IS HOW MANY FUCKS I HAVE ABOUT PLAUSIBILITY: ZERO!! when I realized--

I actually did have a really good canon-compliant, mytharc-relevant reason to turn Dean into a whale.

And then I was just like, oh hell. I'm still trying to find a way to make my much-more-legitimate-sounding plot idea work out plausibly, but turning Dean into a whale, which just sounds idiotic, is actually perfect??????? ARE YOU FOR REAL, SHOW.

The moral of this story being… If an episode of SPN has the dumbest possible sounding premise/summary, it's probably actually amazing. And the more sedate, serious pitch that sounded good on paper just didn't cut it in practice. XD Because that's how we roll.

man, remember how angry fandom was when angels were ~retconned into the show's mythology, ahahaha