February 17th, 2014

free fall

Random SPN thoughts (3x15 and 8x03 editions)

3x15 "Time is On Your Side": I still think that Sam's plan to keep Dean alive via "weird science" and repo man alchemy is still the strangest plan literally anyone on this show has ever come up with. WHAT IN THE WORLD, SAM. XD Though thinking about it more, after 2x08 "Crossroad Blues" it should have been all too apparent to Sam that when you're dragged to Hell, your escorts are hellhounds, and you go in pieces. Even if your organs make you immortal, they don't guard against your being in pieces. Even if Sam worked his funky science and magically scientifically made Dean immortal, it's not like... the hellhounds would stop attacking?

So wouldn't they have just kept tearing at Dean until he was literally just a pile of splintered bones in a fatty, red pulpy mess (if not ingested entirely)? [According to 8x17] you don't need to die to get into Hell, so what if the hellhounds carried Dean there in their stomachs WHAT IF HELL IS IN A HELLHOUND'S STOMACH. Or what if pulpy!Dean were immortal and not in Hell but still pulp? What would Sam do then? Keep him in a jar??? WOULD THERE BE PULP FICTION JOKES.

Wait, pulpy!Dean. That would be cute :3 THAT WOULD BE HORRIBLE. D;

I mean, given how quickly that got awkwardly graphic, I can see why Sam would have tried his damndest not to entertain that train of thought. But come on now. XP

8x03 "Heartache": I watched this on Valentine's Day because it came up last summer and I've been meaning to rewatch because I had ZERO recollection of what even happened. And uh. XD Well, I can see why I have no memory of it! My major takeaways:

- bb!Sam really, really, really liked football

- between the jock athleticism, the geeky magic kit, and soulless!Sam's black Dodge Charger, I'm pretty sure that Sam is actually Vin Diesel, but with hair

- also, in early S8 Sam was, at least for an episode, seriously looking at college stuff and having it sent to an e-mail address that he and Dean share

- let me threadjack myself and exclaim, an e-mail address that he can Dean share!! which neither new nor news, and makes complete sense practically, and honestly isn't that interesting, but excuse me while I get idiotically obsessed with this minor technological detail

- also their current laptop is definitely a MacBook (and a 15"er, because of the way the speakers look??) but the fake, we're-not-affiliated-with-Microsoft-or-Apple OS it's running more closely resembles Windows. Or Linux? But Linux just looks like Windows to me. So does that mean I can pretend that even though Frank gave them a MacBook in S7, SAM IS RUNNING BOOTCAMP/PARALLELS BECAUSE DEEP DOWN HE WILL ALWAYS BE A WINDOWS GUY AND THIS IS A PREFERENCE HE ACTIVELY HONORS----??

I want to rewatch S8, paying more attention to Sam and Dean, because there's actually so much intriguing foundational stuff there that bridges S7 and S9. The first time I watched S8 my attention was mostly on Castiel, because I'm still 80% convinced Dean was irrelevant to S8, and I didn't care for the Trials, so Sam was irrelevant to me for the last half. XD Bear in mind, these are not-wanky wanky thoughts, because I don't... really care. XD I'm cool with it, man. [Worst Deangirl Thoughts]Though on the subject of the Trials: I don't know why stating this in public makes me squirm so much--possibly the Dean H/Cer in me knows it's tantamount to sacrilege!!!--but imho if we had to have that storyline, and someone had to do the Trials, it had to have been Sam. Because if Dean were doing the Trials, and they ended up in that church, and Sam was the one who found out the Trials were deadly, and Sam told Dean to stop, and Sam said there wasn't anything past or present that he wouldn't put in front of Dean, etc., I don't think Dean would have stopped. Maybe, three years ago, in Van Nuys, he did; but not this time. Not anymore. He'd have just ended it, fuck all what Sam wanted.

(And he probably also would have blown up the world while sealing Hell because that's gotta be some kind of... semi-permeable membrane, active transport, sodium-potassium pump stuff, right? XP Whoops. Anyway, that probably would have ended the series. And the world. And therefore, this Dean H/Cer definitely things Sam should have done the Trials. Such a Benedict Arnold, I know.)

ALSO, OKAY. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I just got into my first ever Facebook argument and seriously, this is why I avoid fandom wank on the Internet. Not that the argument was about fandom, I mean (it was about circles of efficacy in the ways people go about addressing world issues) but wow, I am reminded why I dgaf. obviously I AM RIGHT, THEY ARE WRONG, I'M CONVINCED BY THIS ARGUMENT I DON'T CARE IF ANYONE ELSE IS LOL ...No but seriously though. In this isolated case, I actually am right. I, uh, just needed to share that with an unaffiliated third party. Thanks!