February 22nd, 2014



+ Today I was on my way home and "Carry On Wayward Son" came on on the radio. Who helped audibly with glee? Yup, this girl. IT GETS ME EVERY TIME. (Especially since the radio had up til then been relentlessly playing Motley Crue, because apparently they're farewell touring in Detroit this summer. There isn't a music artist on Earth I hate more than Motley Crue. XP)

+ I finally wrote a bit. Badly, but words. On page. I'll take it. I wrote 1700 words for the whalechesters fic, which is very dialogue heavy, and I'm not sure if I'm okay with that or not. SPN has been my first foray into stuff with direct dialogue but every time it starts taking over I panic. Like, I don't want to slow the scene down with unnecessary description and whatnot, but I don't want it to be this like, unplaced echo chamber with only voices. Though I guess… Once the whales happen, I guess there won't be any dialogue at all. So maybe in the long run the sections will compensate for each other??

Collapse )

+ I also have like 200 words of the worst Sam/Dean ever to grace the earth! But I can now say that I've written incest slash standing in a YMCA parking lot. And 'worst' here meaning 'wow, not sexy,' 'wow, kind of skeevy,' 'wow probably triggery,' 'wow, actually het (with no genderswap involved).' Most of that was playing with one of my fandomaid fics just so I could figure out what POV it should be from, but uhhhhh. Yeah.

WELP, THOSE ARE MY INSECURITIES FOR THE DAY. But I made excellent Italian loaves, and tortilla soup, and am about to make a little salad, and I avoided making a chocolate cake (and then eating the entire thing by myself), so that's always a good sign.

Other than that, I am behind on responding to comments (INCLUDING TO THE OCTOPUS FIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and leaving comments on fic. And reading fic. Which I guess means I'm behind on everything. Whatever. XDD