April 9th, 2014


Okay, Part 1 of making myself feel better... A meme!

tebtosca's doing a SPN fandom voice meme! It's super cool (and super easy to participate), and I think it's a lovely community-building activity. I'm only I'm on my first one, listening-wise, but it's already making me feel closer to you all and I love you guys. <3


Audio and voice recording >>

Edit: OKAY, NOW I'VE LISTENED TO ALL MY FLIST ONES, and my goddd I love you guys I want to be sitting right next to you right now. Group hug, group hug???? <3
free fall

How would you rank all of the SPN seasons?

For science!

Ordered from left to right, my favorite to least favorite seasons of SPN are:

- I don't really know where to put S9 because the present season is always my favorite season (except S8 because I missed like, all of its presentness).

- S5 is on both sides of S6 because whenever I think SPECIFICALLY about S5 episodes, I actually. Didn't particularly like a good number of them. XD But 5x22 is my end-all of television, and there will always be bonus points for that. Nothing, past or present, has ever been what 5x22 was/is for me.

- Conversely, S7 is on both sides of S1/2 because I theoretically enjoyed a good amount of it very much, but I will probably never quite be over how unsatisfying 7x23 was for me. ALWAYS DEMERITS. I'M SORRY, SERA. DEMERITS.

- And then there's S3 and S8 taking up the rear, but I really love S3 (Lisa! Bela! 3x08! 3x11! 3x13! 3x16!) and I like a lot about S8 (Amelia! Linda Tran! Meg! Sam in the first half of S8! 8x18! 8x20!), too, soooooo.... everyone wins! Yay!

You, lol, do not need to use poorly color-coded blocks for the purposes of answering. Clearly I should not have picked out my colors before actually doing the ranking, because now it just looks silly. But I'd love to see what y'all have to say about your own rankings~