April 10th, 2014


House of Cards

In 2010 I wrote the first 10k of this bizarre curtain!fic story that--as with all things--began as a fill for a hoodie_time meme and then morphed into this sprawling alternate timeline where Sam and Dean live in a glass house on a hill that Castiel built after the Apocalypse goes down. But then Castiel disappears, and in their haphazard post-Apocalyptic tailspin Dean ends up striking up a penpal correspondence with Claire Novak, and Sam ends up getting a job writing greeting cards. His boss/co-worker/on and off love interest hires him because she finds the bitter irony to his sense of humor amusing and/or sexy.

I keep telling myself that I really should finish this fic at some point, SINCE IT'S BEEN FOUR YEARS AND ALL, but I haven't. In the meantime, I've taken it upon myself to start collecting the awkward greeting cards that Sam might have written. So I have this one that's... a Get Well card? I guess? But all it says is "I hear you're laying low... Hope to hear from you soon." Which to me just sounds like someone's a fugitive from the law (S2/3)!

I have another one that's like "Remembering you on your birthday..." on the front, and "Know that you are loved." on the inside. As far as birthday cards goes, that's pretty somber. And it makes me feel like the birthday boy/girl is either dead (Jess! D;) or estranged from the card-giver (Sam and Dean at various points). :(

The idea was that Sam ends up tracking and coming to terms with his life through his engagement with these greeting cards, which are (usually) famously trite, inadequate, and essentialized in ways that what Sam needs to work through is not. And Dean and Claire's correspondences are uh, questionably coherent and increasingly bizarre. XP But Sam and Dean end up finding each other by each writing outwards, to the world beyond their little glass house (and/or reptile terrarium. Castiel+architecture, match made in Heaven, ehhh not so much). And then rocks fall and everyone dies, or something to that effect. BUT THE POINT IS, they find each other!

I haven't gone back to this project because 1) it's way old now, lol, and 2) it was supposed to be a short, funny fic and now it's a long extremely depressing fic. And canon has progressed so far from the S5 where this is set that there's a lot I'd want to change with respect to that. But maybe someday.

In the meantime, I picked up a new card. Sam wrote this one from Dean's POV: