April 11th, 2014

free fall

What in god's name have they even been researching for the last three months or so?

It's only been like six hours since I finished 9x17 and I have one question for you, flist: HOW HAVE YOU SURVIVED THIS MINI HELLATUS. I AM DYING. The only reason I've survived this long is because I spent altogether too long rewatching S9 scenes. And then rewatching relevant S7 scenes. And relevant S5 scenes. I've also seen that 9x18 clip like five times today, no lie. Not the promo, but literally that boring episode clip they released where Sam's like, hey, let's find Abaddon! And Dean's like, yeah, let's find Abaddon!

Wild spoilers abounded in that clip, guys. Wild spoilers.

I have a lot of thoughts about 9x14/9x15/9x16/9x17, which I may or may not have just marathoned in quick succession, but let's forgo those and float a single question instead. This can be answered seriously or not seriously, haha.

For ficcing purposes:

When they're doing all this research that's supposed to help them "locate" Abaddon, uh. What exactly are they trying to figure out? Because they're using, what, MoL documentation? Are they just trying to cover their asses and find out all they can about Knights of Hell? That seems... uncharacteristically thorough of them! Maybe they're slightly leery of this magical weapon business, since the last time they tried to kill someone with a magic weapon someone got sent to Purgatory. And the time before THAT the Colt didn't actually work on Lucifer. But hey, it's not like the Horsemen were that difficult to off (lol).

And how difficult could it possibly be to locate Abaddon, anyway? Is that not what locating spells are for? And in the event that she, too, has inked up and gone incognito, what's she done to prevent herself from being simply summoned? I mean, she's a demon. If you can summon Crowley, Ruby, and even Balthazar, what's the hold up? The logistics of actually being able to kill her post-summon?

I mean, if they really wanted to track down Abaddon that badly, Sam's Sister Agnes takedown probably wasn't the most tactical approach. Of course, the "tactical" approach would likely have involved torture, and we've probably done enough of that this year. And the tactical approach would have required both Dean and Crowley's presences, since you don't want to inspire Abaddon's attention when you don't have all the ingredients of your master plan readily at hand. Teamwork, guys, come on. XD

Anyway, back to what in god's name they're even trying to research. Are they trying to find information that would give them some insight as to what might construe a workable tactical offensive against her apparent army? Or are they just trying to predict what might be the opportune moment to discreetly stab her in a back alley? XP