April 12th, 2014

gumby girl

Samgirls don your capes!

Samgirls! I have another question. Er, set of questions. Of both the "so what even happened in canon anyway?" and "let's make fanon and/or rec fanon that's already been made" varieties: When Castiel did whatever it was he did with Sam in 7x17, did he just excise damaged soul, so to speak, or did he just mindwipe (mindshare?) all of that? (And Casgirls, where did it go again?? Into the ether? Leviathan kibble?) Does Sam remember anything about the Cage or not? And when he did, do you think having both Robo!Sam's memories and Cage!memories like recalling two simultaneous timelines, or did his brain try to arrange them into some kind of artificial sequence?

I mean, Sam apparently still has Robo!Sam's memories, and they're well-defined enough to actually be legible and readily accessible to him. ('Cause let's be honest, his soullessness and the soullessness of Milton, IL are certainly not two things I'd be connecting, if I had to make a connection. There are so many other, closer comparisons! But whatever, narratively I guess that just means Sam found Robo!Sam exceptionally memorable. Which, fair enough, I can roll with that.)

What do you even do with a set of foreign (yet intimate) memories like that? How do you begin to decide what you're going to do with them? How does your reception of them differ from the snatches you retain post-possession?

Discuss! Or, if you've tackled the Wall of Sam part of S6/7 in fic/art/vid/etc., please feel free to self-rec~

(I must confess that if I were to summarize those seasons I wouldn't get much further than "Lisa! Council for the Humane Treatment of Soulless!Sam! Alcohol! Suicidal ideation! Serapes! And Gwen. And Meg." My Dean googles are prescription lenses, what can I say. XD)