April 14th, 2014

free fall

organic bitters

I meant this to be a post about things that were not SPN, because a dear friend asked for that (<3!), but I've determined that there are no feelings or events that I would like to discuss or reify by writing them down here. Really, I'd prefer to just mindwipe and clean slate the whole shebang and just go from there, because I'm tired of BS carrying over. And if given half the chance to wallow melodramatically I will! So suck it, 2014, I'm done with you.

In other news, this past month I've been exploring the city bus routes. There's this one bus driver who's incessantly talkative and enjoys giving out free life advice. And you know, I get it, his route is probably boring as shit because it basically just goes to a hospital and a farm, but my desire for unsolicited conversation even on good days is second only to my desire for unsolicited life advice (and unsolicited assumptions about me and my life), ever. It doesn't help that there's almost never anyone on the bus, either. So many solo bus rides with this guy.

Well, that was a fail. XP Let's try that again when I'm not bitter and angry about everything.

And also, thank you to kuchren and geckoholic and septembers_coda for your ears. <3 you all!