April 15th, 2014


Did you go to the pre-release party?

So far 2015: Extended Edition, which started yesterday, has been pretty swell! I read ~50k of fic (including a backlog dating back to reversebang), like 9k of orig!fic (at tricycleman, for the curious!), and even some, you know, actually work-related books/articles.

Actual good points of 2014:

- I got to meet the love of my life kuchren, in person for the first time, after eight years of intimate mental cohabitation! That it was unplanned and that she acted as a total life-saver only sweetens the pot.

- I got to see my former roommate, Nikki for a day. We got to see where the ER was!

- West Virginia is pretty, if also the house of multiple disasters waiting to happen:

- vie_dangerouse came to visit me and we had eating adventures to end all eating adventures.

- I learned my first aerial silks drop.

- S9! And Tim Omundson on SPN. And his bees.

- And I did mention reading all the fic, right?

Things I would like to do more of in 2015:

- Write all the fic!