April 17th, 2014

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Observation Deck #71

Some TV observations and opinions:

Elementary (CBS) has been on the bubble for me since the pilot, but their beauteous, elegant season finale last year (and their sensitivity and pointedly anti-sensational/gimmicky treatment of addiction) went a long way in my seeing through S2. I've considered dropping it more times than I haven't, probably, but 1) Lucy Liu, 2) their musical score is fantastic, and 3) the second half of S2 has been pretty strong, especially last week's episode.

Community (NBC) I'm in the minority who really enjoyed S4. And I honestly think that a lot of people were assured in their dislike of S4 just because Dan Harmon wasn't a part of it. I agree that Dan Harmon not being a part of it was some bullshit right there, but to assume that a season will be shitty because the former showrunner isn't showrunning is a completely unfair bias (see: Sera Gamble, BAMF/HBIC). Anyway, I was lukewarm on the S5 premiere and hit-or-miss from there (though the hits were home runs and the misses were still reasonably pleasurable) until the second half of the season, where imho it got swallowed by its own metacommentary to the point that it was no longer a playful parody of television, but a bitter parody of itself. (I found 5x11 hugely problematic and honestly, uncomfortable!) No show wears bitter well (and here I mean, bitter writers and bitter narratives, not bitter characters), but it wasn't a good feel for Community at all. But the season finale was really well done. And if you go out on a high note, I'll always be back next season. :) Well, that and Community has earned at least a season's worth of benefit of the doubt. XD

Law and Order: SVU (NBC) S15 is actually pretty fantastic. It's been powered primarily with a recurring storyline that opened the two-hour premiere and has cropped up again a few times now. LET ME STATE FOR THE RECORD. I give absolutely no damns about this storyline, no damns at all, so in all major respects it's the SVU equivalent of Dean's Purgatory storyline, except with more follow-up and actual, continued attention to the repercussions of such an experience. XD Anyway, as of S13 SVU's had new showrunners--Warren Leight and Julie Martin--and they are FANTASTIC. okay so the second half of S14 was pretty shit but they've taken a long running cop procedural spinoff of an even longer cop procedural/courtroom drama and made it into something worth watching in order, with extended emotional tenors and marked character development and law precedents and police procedures that actually change the positionality/privilege of the NYPD as part of the state of New York, whistleblows corruption within the NYPD and State government, and actively engages with the idea that top-level handling of, and legislation regarding sex crimes, reproductive rights, racial hate crimes, sexuality-based hate crimes, and other special victims crimes needs to change right now. It's still very much a case-of-the-week show, but the verdicts of these cases (or the detectives's conduct during the case) actually matter, and press on the cases that follow.

Also, Warren Leight and Julie Martin either write or storyboard like every other episode, which makes me feel really good about them for likely illogical reasons. But I choose to interpret that as their commitment to making SVU awesome! :3 S15 so far feels like it's been written to bring the series to a graceful end if need be. If it doesn't get renewed and this is indeed the final season of SVU, it'll go out in style.


You know, fandom's Sam vs. Dean argument isn't frustrating or upsetting--it's actually just BORING. See also "tl;dr." The myopia and rampant confirmation bias powering both sides makes neither worth the bytes they're printed on.

And for what it's worth, Samfans feel like everyone's hating on Sam and Deanfans feel like everyone's hating on Dean. Suck as that may, it probably means that in actuality, whichever version of that storm it feels like you're weathering, it's not as powerful as it seems; you'll be fine!

In an emergency, I suggest you become a fan of Roy and Walt instead. OR ROY OR WALT. I will give you a million dollars if you can find a single person fanatically invested in hating Roy and Walt. More if you can find anyone who has real stake in a Roy-Walt versus war, because... I'm pretty sure

most people

don't actually know which

is which.

XP (Roy's the one in blue.)