April 18th, 2014

free fall

Self-involved fic rambling.

SIGH. That moment when you're trying to figure out a 9x18 fic and you think you've FINALLY figured out all of this meta, multiverse what-have-you when suddenly, you remember: "Oh fuck, I forgot about Abaddon." And you realize that taking the continuing existence of Abaddon into account, the whole fic really operates on a very tendentious logic ("the whole fic" here meaning "Dean's actions," I guess, since no one else in the fic gives a good goddamn about Abaddon. And by tendentious logic I guess I mean "a tendentious logic at odds with our normally scheduled tendentious logic"). Major props to anyone who can write 43 minutes of this shit on deadline without completely fucking it up, like I'm about to. XD

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