April 30th, 2014

where's perry

"Do these tacos taste funny to you?"

LJ! You're being awfully quiet, and I am bored and lonely. Talk to me! What's on your mind? Tell me something that's going on in your life, or something you're really interested in right now, or whatever random thing you want to say or talk about and then thought, 'nah, it's too silly/boring/inconsequential; I'm just going to keep that to myself.' Or, ask me something! Give me a truth or dare. If you want to know my thoughts on a topic, feel free to ask that now (or, at any time, really, but why not now? XD). If you're curious and want a picture/screencap of something, I shall oblige. Dirty secrets, guilty pleasures, clandestine...somethings are all on the table!

Anon posting is on, or I'm pretty sure it is? You are welcome to partake of anonymity if it's something you don't necessarily want to say in person. This is a judgment-free zone~

To start: When I can't write well I tend to write prolifically until I find the 'writing well' boat again. This is why I now magically have 10k of a Big Bang and 5k of other stuff. And at this juncture in the BB, I will take prolific over legible! XP

In that vein, at some point this spring/summer, would anyone be interested in beta reading? (loll I know that last sentence is some real A+ marketing for this, but I promise no one but me is going to have to read anything that bad!)

I'm looking for someone who'd be cool talking shop, in addition to reading the draft(s). I'd really love to be able to workshop some things with people, of the "so let's talk about where Sam's at in S9" and the "does this plot point feel gimmicky do you?" and the "would it be more IC for Dean to respond X way or Y way" variety. Ideally, I'd like to keep the final draft of this fic succinctly 20k if I can, so it'd be on the shorter end of Bangs.