May 1st, 2014

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[Fic] and the forests will echo with laughter - outsider!POV, Dean, Sam; horror, 9x18 tag

Title: and the forests will echo with laughter
Genre: gen, horror, outsider POV, the distant relative of a 9x18 tag
Characters: outsider narrator, his family, Dean, Sam
Concepts: 2x03's crossbow story, Purgatory, 9x11's "If your Daddy could see you now"
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1100
Summary: When the Winchesters track down Heaven's back door, the whole world echoes with the sound of that thunder.
Notes: The distant relative of a proper response to this prompt, at biketest's S9 Dean-centric comment!meme, which rocks my world: "As Dean spends more time apart from the blade since holding it for the first time, he begins to notice his moodiness and amped up aggression, but can't ever seem to do anything about it. And then he goes a little too far while on a case..." Original, unedited version posted here. Title from Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven," of course.

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gumby girl

"Vampires pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires. How avant-garde."

6x21, "Let it Bleed"
As much as I adore S6, I'm beginning to think I wasn't actually conscious for most of it. Or maybe it was a body and my soul was elsewhere (too busy reading fanfic?). The other day I was watching the tail-end of 6x21, as one does, and I finally realized why Dean had Castiel mindwipe Ben and Lisa. I'd always sort of assumed that it was a tactical move, in the sense that because they'd been a part of Dean's life, they'd become marks for Crowley. Ergo, Dean has Castiel remove them from his life to keep them safe (with the obvious snag that since Dean remembers them, they'd be just as useful as hostages, and now less wary/protected).

But watching it again, it had nothing to do with keeping Ben and Lisa safe. The demon inside Lisa says that deep down, Lisa wishes she'd never even met Dean--and on some level, Dean believes her. Or at least, takes the potential truth of that sentiment and corroborates it with the fallout from the rest of the year. It wasn't about protection, or even guilt, entirely; it was about doing for Lisa what (Dean thought) she wanted.

...THREE YEARS AFTER THE FACT, KALLIEL. THREE YEARS. And it's probably been blatantly obvious to everyone else for as long, too. XD Hey, it took me a year to figure out why Dean was so upset with Castiel in S7, until it dawned on me that this whole Fallen Wall of Sam thing had much to do with Cas. I, uh. Should probably keep my "jfc, Dean" reflex in check or something, huh. XP

9x19, "Alex Annie Alexis Ann"
You know that part when Sam and Dean are talking to Sheriff Mills at the station, and Jody makes that reference to "the barn episode of The Walking Dead? And Sam sort of chuckles and turns to Dean, and then quickly drops the moment when he realizes Dean hasn't reciprocated?

I gather that Dean hasn't seen The Walking Dead. (Too much of a Romero purist?)

But Sam's gotten really into this decade's network television, since we know he likes Game of Thrones and "the barn episode" of anything means something to him. Now I have this image of him unwinding alone in his bedroom--since he's the one with the giant TV?--to someone else's zombie apocalypse. Either it slipped his mind that he'd watched all that alone, or thought that Dean might've been watching, too.

I'm not actually working toward any thesis with this (either of these), but I thought this was a telling little oblique moment between them. That and I am way too interested in the television-watching tastes of TV characters.

For instance, has Dean actually seen Breaking Bad or is he just basing his references to it on all the hype? In 9x02 his reference makes more sense if you think of the original idiom, but in 9x05 it makes more sense to think of the AMC show. Did he have a Netflix marathon with Gadreel during the 9x03 stakeouts or something?

Lololol "When Gustavo Fring's death escapes Sam's notice, Dean realizes Ezekiel's been logging more time in the front seat than he'd been letting on..."