May 9th, 2014


What is this week even!

The way I planned to spend my evening:

1. Circus arts at a different studio than the norm.
2. Weep at how long it takes to get home because of road construction on the bus route.
3. Cabbage/zucchini/kale/strawberries/the most amazing cilantro dressing ever
4. Free Willy as background noise while working.

How I actually spent my evening:

1. Circus arts!
3. Read lines as a stand-in for some kind of pirate play??
4. Learned a lot about arm musculature, as it relates to parrying and landing blows (which is actually magical)???
5. Sat through the blocking out of re-enactment of the fight scene/song from what I can only assume was the Buffy musical episode????
6. Ran the 5 miles home at midnight because the bus left way long ago by that point. /O\ No thunderstorms tonight, but my god, it was far too warm and humid out to be running around in a leather jacket, that's for damn sure.

In short/cool fun times evening/what the hell just happened/I am so, so tired now. XP And I still haven't actually done that "work" thing I was counting on. Also, I am starving. I ate a PB&J at the laundromat this morning but that was 15 hours ago AND DID I MENTION THE RAPIERS.

But I got invited to be a zombie in a few weeks? And I know so much more about rapiers than I ever thought I would? AND WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED. Between my normal circus people, these circus/stage fighting people and the beekeeping people I'm pretty sure I now know all the weirdest, coolest people in town.

Once More, With Whales

Okay, I might have cried during the closing credits of Free Willy just now. Sue me, there was whale footage set to Michael Jackson and I was already emotionally vulnerable because SPN fandom (not SPN) upsets me a lot. So now those feelings are all mixed up with each other.

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I know I'm just stating truisms about people and their anthropocentric relationships to animals, and Hollywood and its tenacious anthropomorphism of animals, but I think it makes for really interesting fodder in terms of contrasting that against how, say, the human relationships in the film moderate and evolve. And it's these sorts of considerations that make animal transformation interesting to me as a trope, because somehow it makes these kinds of communication breakdowns more understandable; that is, it makes those disjunctures harder to ignore and easier to recognize as a problem. Even as it sets up these assumptions, maybe, that this is an easy problem to solve. XP And it's interesting to trace, if everyone is human/human again/etc., where those communication breakdowns are assumed to be nullified (because at least everyone is the same species now), where they continue to be recognized even in the absence of an animal allegory, and perhaps most importantly--what shakes out when the people trying to speak to each other are communicating so poorly they MAY AS WELL be speaking across an inter-species divide. They are capable of comprehending the words being spoken, but are able only to misinterpret them. This probably makes it even more dangerous than simple failures of human-animal communication, because even if a whale can't actually understand your inspirational, climactic monologue, it's more likely it's just not even going to register, rather than cause him to swim off and do some drastic thing that aligns with all the things you're saying… But only in a causal universe of his own, separated from the other's by a sea of distortions.


From the other end of the "omg what language are you even speaking" pool: In the fic I'm writing the running Free Willy gag is that Dean is OMG SO CERTAIN that they've seen this film, that YOU WANTED TO SEE IT SO BAD SAM SO WE WATCHED IT JUST FOR YOU. And Sam's just like, man, we did not see this goddamn movie and I did not want to see This Movie Specifically I just wanted to go to the theatre get away from dad for a while jfc. But Dean refuses to believe this and keeps making references to this movie, and all the while Sam's just like, wait up, I haven't seen this movie, but I am 100% sure that what you're describing cannot actually be this movie. ("YES IT IS. AND WE SAW IT. JUST FOR YOU, SAM.")

In the end it turns out that not only did Sam and Dean never go see Free Willy to satiate Sam's (alleged) whims, Dean's actually referencing a completely different whale movie that only he has seen, and which Sam has absolutely zero relationship to whatsoever. In summary: Winchesters.


Also, THERE ARE SO MANY BIG BANGS AT SEA THIS YEAR. \O/ Hello, Sam/Dean, I guess this summer I ship you, because you have so many boats and tentacles and stuff right now. idek if BB is supposed to be strictly anon, and if I should be saving my whale ruminations for after claims or something, but I figure it's not like anyone knows who I am, so what does it matter?