May 31st, 2014

where's perry

Even if you have a paid account, here are some advertisements for you to view! :P

Okay, now I've seen 9x23. Yay, I think? Maybe??

In more overtly thrilling news, my favorite challenge of all time is up and running! :D It's the only challenge I've participated in every year I've spent in this fandom, and I will fly its flag and the flag of the glorious genre that is gen until my end of days:

The SD minibang is also going on later this summer/fall, which caters to both Sam/Dean and Sam & Dean. And I still have a culturebent!Winchesters in SPb fic I want to write, so! Maaaaybe. Regardless of my participation, you totally should. YES, YOU. ;D

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but these challenge deadlines are going to be really easy to remember--! XD

spn_summergen is due the same day as the day I'm supposed to submit a paper/other materials that will determine whether I should continue in my PhD program, or leave with an MA. spn_j2_bigbang is due on my sister's birthday. And samdean_otp's MiniBang is due on the earliest possible date for the oral exam that accompanies/succeeds said paper/other materials that will determine my academic viability.


Edit: SPN Fandom is also doing a Supernatural Selfie Project in honor of our upcoming 200th episode! How fun. :D If you don't mind being part of the mosaic, definitely put in for this and show off how classy SPN fandom can be.

For our 100th episode (which was 5x18, and a glorious episode it was), caerial and I folded a senbazuru--or one thousand paper cranes--to commemorate Show's achievements and to wish it good fortune for its future. Is it time for another thousand? I don't have a partner in crime this time, but I am planning a series rewatch this summer. I comfortably fold about ten cranes an episode, so even if I forgot to fold 95 times I'd still have my thousand by the end of the rewatch... Hm, hm...