June 3rd, 2014

free fall

Dead deer, bruises in usual places, Top of the Lake, Frozen, and SPN wank

1. I've been walking past the same deer carcass for months now, and ever since April when the weather started to thaw out it's been getting really uh, rank. As carcasses do. But yesterday it was gone! Either all the thunderstorm rain cleared out the smell and the weeds grew over it (there's quite a bit of new foliage now, versus when I left for Japan) or someone actually removed it. Though I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who walks down that road.

I was celebrating a carcass-free walk until I came across a new one--a very flat, very cracked turtle. It won't be nearly as smelly as the deer, being reptilian and all, but it's a big turtle! Like nine inches long.

2. I tried getting into a bug drop yesterday (only with significantly less back bend than this woman):


3. Top of the Lake (2013, BBC 2) is a wonderful show. My affection for it isn't rabid, necessarily, but it was love at first sight and that hasn't been true of a TV program since May 2009 when I watched the pilot for Six Feet Under (2001, HBO). If any part of you loves slow, atmospheric criminal/human dramas, bodies of water, land ethics, or issues of class, gender, sexuality/sexual violence, or race, this is for you. It's about a police detective in boganville New Zealand who's investigating the pregnancy and then disappearance of a twelve-year old girl, and the whole of the town and families the intersect that. The script is dynamic and realistic, the characters are multi-faceted and superbly casted, and the set design/location scouting is to die for. Plus it's one series, seven episodes in total, streaming on Netflix. And possibly on the Sundance website as well?

Incidentally, here is a negative review of Top of the Lake that hates everything I love about the series.

There's this moment in the pilot where the girl, Tui, dives under her bed as if to hide from her father, and she ends up rolling back out with a loaded rifle. Enough said.

4. Other reviews: Disney's Frozen (2013) is the fifth top-grossing film of all time--and as a major proponent of animated films, that's a huge milestone for the genre, and my hat is off to it for that. But that doesn't mean it's like, the best movie ever (just like Avatar still isn't a good movie, except with less James Cameron).

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Animated films: Possibly the only genre where I have high standards. Well, that and TV you have to pay for. For other things, I might have particular standards, but those don't necessarily coincide with "high." XP I mean, I've seen Devour like five times.

5. [wanky thought for the day]I have no patience for people who haven't seen S9 bitching about S9. Not yours, by your own choice. Save the judgment, good or bad, for those of us who've actually seen it. Because honestly? You haven't the right. /end wanky thoughts