June 12th, 2014

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#centennial (highway) rewatch 1x05, 1x06, 1x07

# Backtrack to 1x04 - Dean's face every time Jerry Panowski mentions John.

# 1x05 - I'm all for pulling out all the stops in the service of chiaroscuro, but omg. XP

# Redeeming factor: Jess scene at the end, coupled with the Stones. One of SPN's best cinematic moments/musical montages.

# Also, Sam asking Dean to help him turn on the video camera's night vision. :'D

# Cash Dean wins in a poker match gets kept in Sam's wallet? There's a story there. (Also, when/why would Sam make the transition from wallet to monogrammed money clip by 2x15?)

# Between 2005 (2.65/gal) and 2013 (2.35/gal) in SPNland, gas prices went DOWN. Apparently God is really committed to the pecuniary feasibility of the Great Winchester Gospel road trip!

# The shapeshifter scene is my favorite shirtless scene in all of Supernatural, rivaled by none.

# My dad told me that "All Right Now" by Free is Stanford's fight song (though he thought it was oddly conciliatory to play it if, say, Stanford was down, or had lost, uh, XP). Having it close this episode, as Sam drifts further and further from all of his friends and classmates, gives me so many emotions.

# "I've never smelled ozone this strong before." Spirits smell like something? Is this ever a thing again?

# I remember watching 1x07 for the first time, in bed, in my freshman dorm room, with all the lights out and my roommate out doing whatever it is college students do on Friday nights. And I remember thinking, "Damn it, I'm the dead roommate in this scenario, aren't I." D:

# Incidentally, said roommate provided some of the personal details (hometown/high school/sport) I use as my Jess head canon. We never really knew each other, and we did not particularly like each other, and never once spoke after that first year, but hey, she was useful! And I'll probably always remember her, at least inasmuch as she is now Jess. Even if usually I forget her actual name.

# I also remember watching this episode with one of my dear friends from SPN fandom. She'd never seen it before, so we watched it together by synching our files and commentating via Gchat. I have vivid memories of how much she haaaaated it. XD

# There used to be a SPN comm called spnquotefic where every week was dedicated to an episode of SPN, and it was sort of an ongoing fic meme where you'd pick a prompt, which were all quotes from the episode and write. The fic didn't have to have anything to do with the episode. "There's a dead girl buried deep inside there" will FOREVER STAND OUT TO ME as a quote from 1x07 because I used it to write Meg!fic grabbing a vessel out of a Dumpster in between 1x21 and 2x14. Overly literal interpretation of prompt = me.



It's here! My favorite line in ALL OF SPN! If someone put that on a T-shirt, I would buy it. Even the grammar of the sentence screams infodump.

Though interestingly, I'd note that when Sam asks if John and Dean thought this up, Dean's response suggests that he did it by himself, thanks, though he doesn't state it outright. Makes me wonder if the discovery was hasty and independent, or if Dean met anyone who inspired it--I mean, he didn't invent rock salt rounds, which have historically been (and currently sometimes are) used as non-lethal shots, hunting shots, etc. I can ONLY IMAGINE that some hunter, and some point, figured this out too. But given the uneven inheritance of intergenerational hunting knowledge, this newest resurrection could have spawned from anywhere.
free fall

#centennial (highway) rewatch 1x08

# 1x08 IS PRETTY BAD EVERYONE KNOWS THIS, on grounds of "cursed Indian burial grounds" and ten-minute nighttimes and plastic bugs. But... I also feel like this episode was made for me. Like, someone in the writer's room sat down and thought, man, I want to give Kalliel the gift of a lifetime! Her very own episode of SPN! IT HAS BUGS! (my love) AND LAND USE RIGHTS AND INDIGENOUS STUDIES (my research area) AND SCORPIONS (one of my favorite bands, even though they are mostly terrible--but "No One Like You" is my favorite song of theirs, so like, literally, this episode was made for me). It just ended up being one of those gifts that's like... your kitchen-inept children trying to make you breakfast in bed. Th-thaaanks, bb. XP

# Sam's split-second reaction to Dean's interpellation of Lassie and Timmy as an example of the supernatural/animal haunting. XD They are both adorable.

# I've always had a soft spot for Realtor Linda's fate; I too have showered, albeit more calmly than she, with spiders of many types--some of which were quite burly. The tiny ones are the worst, though, because they're usually baby spiders that have hatched at the showerhead--and they rain down on you, translucent and wispy, and you can't shower clean because that's their point of origin. It's a dilemma.

# Moment of love for Matt Pike. New headcanon: Even though he divests himself of his bug collection after their ordeal, as the Apocalypse and climate change makes clear its devastating effects on world insect populations, he confronts his discomforts and returns to the fold by majoring in entomology at UC Berkeley--Class of 2012, cum laude. The out-of-state tuition was ludicrous, but his Regents scholarship saved his ass--especially since the greatest financial failure of his father's career happened right before the American housing bubble burst. It's been a rough decade for the Pike family. (And Mr. Pike still wishes his son weren't headed toward a penniless career in academia/ecology. If he's going to be a scientist he might as well work on stem cells or something, right?)

# 1x08 is also weirdly good for Winchester family baggage/dynamics, in ways I find very organic and sympathetic to both Sam and Dean's conceptions of family and childhood. And the "Make him listen" scene in the car when they're trying to tell Matt how to get his family out of the house was charged with all manner of implication; it says a lot about Dean's relationship to John, and how its reality is actually fairly asymptotic with respect to Dean's party line in this episode.

# Also, because I forgot about it last night, here is a 1x06 vid I started that convinced me that this 10 second clip would comprise the whole of my contribution to the world of SPN vids.* I'm posting this now as a way of sending this clip to its grave. Don't build a schmaltzy housing complex on it, I guess? XD

Nothing gives you a fuller appreciation for exactly how long a second is, and exactly how finely the human eye can detect aberrations in timing, than attempting to futz with iMovie. Standing ovation to all vidders, idek you are all wizards!

* Okay, confession, I actually did do a whole, 45 second 5x22/S6 promo vid, because 5x22 will make you do crazy things.