June 17th, 2014

free fall

Dear Summergen Writer

Dear spn_summergen Writer,

My prompts are long enough on their own, so I'll try to be brief here, but thanks so much for tackling this prompt set. Feel free to diverge from my prompts as much as you like; if you start with one, and then by the time you finish the fic it's in an entirely different place, I'm all for that--just go for it! If the only thing from my prompts that makes it into your fic is like, a passing mention in a Classified ad Sam skims while he's flipping to the Obituaries page of a newspaper, I'm totally cool with that--actually, thinking about it, that would tickle me to no end. I love intransibility!

When posting comes around, my mindset will be "omg! fic for me!" not "okay, I've got my checklist! WHICH PROMPT DID THEY USE. WHICH OF MY INTERESTS DID THEY INCLUDE." Trust me, I will be too excited to even remember what I prompted, anyway. XD

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