June 24th, 2014

fandom text

#centennial (highway) rewatch 1x18 "Something Wicked," 1x19 "Provenance," 1x20 "Dead Man's Blood"

# I nearly cried three separate times during this episode and I'm not even sure why; for someone with no real opinion of 1x18 "Something Wicked," apparently I have a lot of belated emotions about it!

# Also, I spent the first part of this episode trying to figure out why Fitchburg, WI sounded so familiar, and in what other episode they'd been in Fitchburg. Finally I realized that it sounded familiar because I've been here. In real life. CONFUSING REALITY WITH SPN AGAIN, INDEED. It's a suburb of Madison and I guess that's really all there is to say about Fitchburg.

# It's pretty common for people to yearn for happy!Dean of S1/S2. Which isn't something I've really held to ever, except with this vague acknowledgement that yes, the world was probably less shitty then. But rewatching in order now has really just reconfirmed the other side of that: Dean really wasn't that happy in 2006, either! I feel like every other episode, something will send him to the edge, and Sam in his quiet way spends that episode trying to figure out what just happened (when he's not also busy being deeply unhappy about his murdered girlfriend and his relationship with John and the state of his life in general). The difference between then and now--well, in addition to the nine different versions of the Apocalypse that have intervened in the interim--is that Dean spoke.

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# I rewatch 1x19 "Provenance" weirdly often so I will refrain from ridiculous extended commentary. But the reason I rewatch so often is because I am hopelessly in love with Sarah Blake, and Sarah/Sam, and the way Dean's shipping of Sarah/Sam still manages to come across as ridiculously slashy and full of Wincest. That and this is one of the few episodes I find truly eerie and delightfully scary. Ghosts!

# And I love that when Sam's reading off the dates in the journal at the beginning of the episode, he pauses ever so slightly because he's reading upside down. :'D


# Luther the Vampire('s actor) has a dumb "Japanese" tattoo on his arm that really doesn't mean anything, as far as I can tell. Maybe ネョラョテ should be my new fandom safeword for "I have no idea wtf any of you are talking about."

# If the Winchesters had continued living peacefully in Lawrence, and John had kept the cash flowing into Sam and Dean's college funds, their college funds would have been substantially heftier than mine was. I've been collecting extra interest on mine now for years and it's still got nothing on would-be!Sammy's. O_o;;

# A combination of saffron, skunk cabbage, and trillium apparently inhibits vampiric olfaction. Which is interesting, considering skunk cabbage is native to North America, as is trillium (which is additionally native to Asia), but saffron didn't hit North American shores until European settlers brought it over... Obviously a combination of random plants that defends against vampires doesn't necessarily mean those plants have to have co-evolved with them (or their prey), but I'd be ridiculously interested in charting out the possibilities! I mean, it could be they just burn generically smelly, but in that case wouldn't it just be like, man, someone's burning saffron, skunk cabbage, and trillium again! Almost like they're trying really hard to mask SOME OTHER SCENT...

# And er, by that I mean... I love the fraught combination of Sam, Dean, and John!!

# But evolutionary monster ecology though. :'D Sure, they all descended from an alpha, but that doesn't have to mean they stopped evolving. They just... transfer their genetic material by blood, and, uh, natural selection operates on vampires who--oh forget it. I'm working on it, I'm working on it. XP

# Outside of my extraordinary infrequent posts about the history of Apple, I have no idea what I use this tag for, so I shall use it here in honor of Sam and his relationship with John: #better to be a pirate than join the navy

(The "navy" in this case was not Xerox, or even Windows. The Apple II was the Navy and the Mac was the pirates! Same family... ;P)