June 26th, 2014

free fall


I told myself I was going to stop inundating LJ with post after post after post and I was going to keep my big mouth shut here for a while. WHICH IS A PROMISE THAT STILL STANDS but before the Internet marches on I just wanted to say:

1) The lovely ladies behind winchestmidwest have a Kickstarter campaign going for an exciting 200th Episode Thank You Flyover, which really, just screams us and SPN to me. I think it's a lovely idea and it makes me happy to be part of this fandom. :'D Check it out, and help back it if you're so inclined. We're almost 1/3 of the way to the minimum and it's only been a few hours! All extra proceeds will go to the American Cancer Society in Kim Manners's name.

2) This is a short, lovely fic by quadrant_of_sky that's quiet and understated and just beautifully controlled. And its ending is perfect. It reads like it was written for me, which I hope means you will like it too. (Of course, I realized after I'd read it twice that LOL IT ACTUALLY WAS WRITTEN FOR ME. XD) It's under 1000 words of excellent Dean POV S9 fic--which isn't underhanded, crazy, dramatic, morally suspect, mindfucky, hysterical, or grotesquely tragic or fucked up in any way. Which is impressive for S9 fic imho but so, so fitting here.