June 29th, 2014


[Fic/Podfic] he knew you knew what you know - Mark of Cain POV, first person, Dean - 9x18/9x23

Title: he knew you knew what you know
Characters: Dean, Mark of Cain
Genre: gen, stream of consciousness
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 657
Summary: There are only two things in the world that know where Dean's at right now--Dean, and the Mark. Only one of them is feeling all that talkative. Metaphysical Mark of Cain POV, 9x18 "Meta Fiction" and 9x23 "Do You Believe in Miracles?"
Notes: Dean prepwork for my BB.

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there are some errors in the recording but omg I'm not going to re-record my own 600 word obliterati fic

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everything ends

[Fic] The Like, ONE Person Team Free Will Actually Helped Last Year - THE PIMPMOBILE, S9

Aaaaand now for something completely different...!

Title: The Like, ONE Person Team Free Will Actually Helped Last Year: The Incredible True Genealogy of Castiel's Pimpmobile

Genre: het, humor, outsider POV
Pairing: Castiel's Pimpmobile's True Owner/Castiel's Pimpmobile's True Owner's Girlfriend
Characters: Castiel's Pimpmobile's True Owner; his girlfriend, Julia; a disgruntled colleague; and a Gas N' Sip!Castiel cameo
Rating: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 1327
Summary: Luis can't believe he just had his car ripped off by the Gas N' Sip whiteboy who sold him breakfast. He was standing right there! Who even does that? It just ain't proper human behavior.

Notes: Written for this prompt at spn_bigpretzel's Outsider POV Comment!Meme #3.

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Julia is borrowed from the rough draft of a fic I wrote where Meg possesses her body and picks up Lisa. She didn't get to talk in that one, because she was possessed, so she gets to talk now. And I'm pretty sure she dies in that one, so in this one she gets to live. \O/