July 2nd, 2014

free fall

Fandom thoughts + Vid Rec: "Kill a Man" by zimshan (2010)

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I cried like a baby after I finally unearthed this vid by zimshan from 2010, or S5-era SPN. I couldn't remember who made it, so I ended up looking through about a year's worth of roque_clasique's journal trying to find her rec (which, if you haven't flipped through an entire year of her journal, you should!! you are missing out!!), which was pretty fun.

Anyway, Kill a Man is a phenomenal vid about SPN fandom, and the nature of fandom, and what kinds of creative magic can be wrought by fandom when we use our powers for collaborative, happy good. And to reiterate, yes, I cried like a baby through the whole thing, and I love it. In case it wasn't clear, or is buried under all the dreck preceding it, THIS IS A BIG FAT REC. REC REC REC.

To articulate my present experience of/feelings about fandom, though, I'd be playing this video in reverse. I hope that means the vid is the thesis, where I'm at right now is the antithesis, and eventually I can achieve synthesis. Because I'd like that very much.