July 17th, 2014


Such a scattered update this is.

* I turned in my spn_summergen fic. I'm somewhere between "I love this," "This is insulting" and "Oh god," so I decided that the best thing to do was to simply give it away and hope that "Oh god" is a good thing, that it's not insulting to the character it's about, and that I actually do love it. I will try not to think about it anymore. XP

* That Love Meme! I tried to leave notes as I saw your names come up on the post, but I quickly got very overwhelmed, so if I don't end up being able to get back to that and leave more comments, know that I love each and every one of you--I love your creative works, be they your thoughts, your writing, your art, your voice, your graphics, your diligent information system-ing, etc. I love everything I've been able to learn about your lives and passions and family and friends. I love reading your posts and threading comments with you and being able to "see" you as often as possible. I think you're all really amazing people, and you're the best flist ever. <3333 Thank you also for your comments on my thread; you are all too amazing for words, so I'll save myself the embarrassment and stop for now. But just for now, because you know I can't keep quiet long about how highly I regard each and every one of you.

* And you don't even need to take my word for it. I posted about that article about opening sentences the other day, and the author sent me a very kind e-mail:

"I just read your livejournal post about my essay "The Art of the Opening Sentence," and I wanted to thank you for your kind words. Reading your post (and the comments) made my day.

So, yeah. Thanks for that. It means a lot."

Since it's really YOU and your reading of this article, and all of your brilliant insights about opening sentences and your writing and your reading that he's talking about here, I thought I'd share his message with you guys. <3 Not gonna lie, it's slightly horrifying that someone non-fandom got pingbacked to this journal, ahaha, but I'm trying to own it. Because yes we're fandom, but you all had such excellent, insightful things to say and such beautiful sentences to contribute. Again, YOU ARE THE BEST, ALL OF YOU, and I refuse to be ashamed of that. <3

* RL-wise, right now I'm somewhere between having touched down in California to visit my family, finishing up my research assistantship, writing/turning in my third-term review materials (which will determine whether I get to continue in my program, O___o;;) and choosing readings for my course syllabus in the fall. I had these grand plans to be done with all of these things before leaving for CA, but apparently it's just my style to have completed NONE of them. But then I did finish my summergen fic, I suppose, so there's that. Priorities!