August 12th, 2014

free fall

Fic: Dry Salvages, MASTERPOST

Title: Dry Salvages
Author: kalliel
Artist: blueteainfusion
Genre: gen, mytharc!fic
Characters: Sam (POV), Dean (POV); minor Crowley, Abaddon, Castiel, Gadreel
Rating: R
Word Count: ~40k
Warnings: post-traumatic stress, substance abuse (drugs), substance abuse (supernatural), suicidal ideation, some body horror, animal transformation; artwork is semi NSFW (non-explicit nudity)

Summary: The First Blade is at the bottom of the deepest ocean; Sam and Dean go get it. With the help of a little cross-pollinated magic, Dean undergoes an unusual transformation, for in the deep there's more than a handful of origin stories that interweave and undercut the Blade's. As Sam struggles to reclaim himself in the wake of Gadreel's departure, he discovers that in the primordial sea, Heaven and Hell are not so far removed. And both might be clamoring his name.

However, with Dean faltering under the grim accretions of the last few years and the demands of his transformation, and Sam caught up in the impossibility of his own traumas (not to mention the return of an old temptation), it might not be Heaven and Hell that set the pace. From Kansas to Victoria British Columbia, they have 1600 miles to get their shit together or drown.

AKA the one where Dean is a whale, and Sam takes back Sam. Divergent timeline from 9x13 "The Purge."

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[Acknowledgments]Many thanks to my flist for their dauntless cheerleading and patience with my whinging, as well as their writing advice and inspiration. <3 And a tremendous thanks to my team of beta-readers, who were so unbelievably thorough and thoughtful in spite of the fact that I dumped 40k on them in a single weekend: caranfindel, for her beauteous attention to canon details and discrepancies, and fortitude in setting straight questionable logics (sartorial, magical, and everything in between); ephermeralk and harrigan for their attention to concision, clarity, and grammatical correctness; and especially their acute senses of Sam and Dean as characters, and how to best express their convoluted actions and headspaces; and steeplechasers for her help with the pacing and dynamics of troubled scenes, and the fic as a coherent whole. This fic would not be a fraction of what it is without all of their insights and assistance.

And a very special thanks to blueteainfusion, whose wonderful art never ceases to stun and inspire. Thanks so much for being my partner in this expedition, bb, especially at such a busy time in your life! You're a total rockstar and a true visionary. <3