August 18th, 2014


BBDB: Big Bang De-Brief #1

So, it's been a week now. The shiny, liberated afterglow of completing BB has faded, and the disappointment has settled over and in. Not in a devastating or terrible maudlin sense, but you know! That vague (well, at the moment maybe not so vague, haha) disappointment and deflation that never quite goes away. The kind of disappointment that fuels the next project. ....Or endless, mindless Law & Order marathons. XP Whichever.

(I've watched like three seasons worth of a Law & Order spinoff I don't even particularly like.)

How do you justify to yourself a project like BB? Like, why did you expend so much of yourself on this one silly thing? Like, WHY. WHY DID YOU DO THAT. Either you can sit and hope that someone wanders in and does the justifying for you--and huzzah if they do--or. Or! You can read it for yourself. So I'm going to read the hell out of it.

Er, I'll read the fic eventually, but for now I mean to read the process.

I want to focus on everything I learned, whether by success or failure, and come away from this project with a strong concept of what just happened, and what it's done for me--as a writer, foremost, but also as a reader of canon, because that's a big part of fic, too.

I don't know how much/how little I will actually have to say, but I need to de-brief my Big Bang. These posts are my self-reflection, as in they're literally just me talking about myself and my stuff, me me me me me. If you're into that kind of thing, you're welcome to follow along,* but if you're turned off by self-absorbed craft stuff, just keep scrolling, don't click the cuts, and don't quietly hate me from the other end of the Internet; you've been warned! Here, entertain yourself with this, instead.

And if you do follow along, don't expect profundity! Sometimes you just need to write down the obvious so you can keep all your ducks in a row and have nice notes to look back on.

* Alternatively, you can write your own, for your own things, and I will very happily play the voyeur. I'm uh, really into this kind of thing!

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You know what I should do instead of all this terrible Law & Order?

real work????

MY SPN REWATCH. I'M UP TO... 2x01. UH. GO ME. XD I got distracted by S9 and then S9 again and some more S9, sue me.