August 21st, 2014


He's going back to prison!

I hate the bus system as much as public transportation hates me; and when I got back I was immediately reacquainted with all of the people who usually ride my bus at my same times and remembered exactly how much I hate the bus.

But today I took an earlier bus, and there was this woman instead--she hopped aboard with a piece of paper in her hands, and showed it to her seatmate. And she shouted, jumping up and down in her seat, "HE'S GOING BACK TO PRISON! EVIL DOES NOT ALWAYS PREVAIL IN THIS WORLD. THERE IS A GOD!!!"

Absolutely just grinning ear to ear. I have never seen anyone so unreservedly jubilant; it was amazing and infectious. She'd bought herself some Oreos to celebrate, and she gave one to her seatmate so they could "toast" to [someone's] prison time. And then she offered Oreos to the entire bus.

When she got off, she jumped around in circles and did a jumping jack while she waved at all of us.

Best bus ride ever.


On the digital side of things, what does it mean when someone comments to your post, "I love the fics you rec!" but when you go to reply to the comment, it's been deleted? DID THEY CHANGE THEIR MIND OR WHAT. XDD