August 26th, 2014

where's perry

Some random thoughts about fandom

- The fic I am beta-reading right now is basically the greatest thing ever, so when it posts I'll be sure to let y'all know. It's for the SDMB, so I can't WAIT to see what the artist does with it!

- soncnica wrote this really cool, rhythmic ficlet, Beats that's sonically pleasurable and a lovely character study of Dean.

- I really like the way beesandbrews replies to her fic comments--each is like a bonus little nugget of insight, and it's really cool. (I recced one of her actual fics here the other day, since she's been filling prompts from the hoodie_time meme from earlier this summer. In addition to her fic metacommentary, haha, she also has this fabulous way of breathing fresh life into very classical prompts. Check 'em out at her journal!)

- The Supernatural 200th episode congratulations flyover happened in Vancouver yesterday, which makes me swell with pride, both for our cast/crew and for us as a fandom.

- spn_masquerade is crossposting its first round fills, which is exciting and awesome. Porn/kink!fic isn't really my scene, but seeing what all came out of it is pretty epic!!

- spn_reversebang is going to be starting up soon, so if you've even slightly considered doing it (or haven't yet considered it) YOU SHOULD DO IT. I did last year, and it was a blast. I like it better than the traditional Bangs, I think; the reversal of the author-artist chronology suits me better.

- That writing craft meme that's been going around (the one with the eleventy-billion different questions) has yielded some great insights and conversation on my flist, and you know I can't resist a good craft talk. :D

- I'm going camping this weekend, and indiachick's Big Bang is coming with me. I AM SO EXCITED. I won't be by the sea, but I'll be by a Great Lake! Her fic "Magpie, to the Seaside" is also coming with me, because I found it on my Kindle, mysteriously concealed. It was like finding chocolate you've hidden from yourself. :DD

And that's all from like, the last four days. XD Basically, fandom has been pretty epic this summer. Keep it up, fandom! <33

Though I suppose I'm marring this pattern by dropping out of the gen Big Bang. But it coincides with SDMB, and I was like, well. I am equally as likely to write my 5k gen fic with a deadline, or without one. I am significantly less likely to write crazy Sam/Dean AUs without a specific deadline/event to be held accountable to, so. XD

Also, I am sooo happy with my Dean and Kevin fic I posted. It's my favorite thing I've written this year, possibly. For really dumb reasons, but whatevs man. And I'm currently writing Sheriff Donna/Lisa. :3 Y'ALL THOUGHT I WAS LYING, BUT I TOLD YOU I WOULD.