September 4th, 2014


[Rec + Meme] amber1960's glorious artwork based on "That Were"!

amberdreams masterminded some intensely lovely artwork earlier this week that I think everyone should go lavish with praise, because it is delightful--it's DEAN and the OCEAN and SELKIES and really cool digital composition and this tremendously evocative sense of being underwater and did I mention it is intensely lovely?

If you don't believe me, perhaps you should check it out for yourself! And then lavish her with praise, because after clicking that link you will have no choice but to believe me. ;)

I'll admit, I'm a little biased, because it's also artwork for a fic I wrote during S6/7. It's my favorite fic I've written, ever, and Amber's is the very first artwork I've ever received for a fic (that wasn't like, a challenge that involved official text/art partnerships), so yeah, I may be a slight bit biased!

But the art is glorious, context be damned, so even if you haven't read the fic do take a look. <3

But if you would like some more context:

That Were
Dean works a case with Walt and Roy on the California coastline. Yes, he has a death wish. Stanford!era (Dean is 25).

This blockquote isn't the scene that Amber illustrated, per se, but it's a passage that she highlighted, so you can think of it as art inspiration.

You will drive as far from the sea as you can get, as far from any life that leads to drowning. You will stand at the tops of mountains and never recognize how high you've climbed. You will walk caverns and never admit how low. You will lash nets from lifelines and telephone wires. You will drag them behind you, however far you go. And you will go far--farther than most dream of, farther than even their fear can imagine. You will march with lead boots, an unstoppable force. A freight that melts the iron that guides it. A stampede of metal and blood and resignation. In the end, you will always end up here. A thousand times and you'll end here, no matter who saves you; no matter what you pretend to forget; no matter how many lies you tell. No matter who believes them.

She looks at him then, dark eyes gel-like and glistening. Her blubber sags. I have seen your death, she says. Which means I've seen your everything. And I know you: You will carry a net. You will live as though you cannot see it. And then one day, eventually, finally--you will drown.

You will drown.
[fun fact]Fun fact: my BB is actually the intellectual successor to the fic Amber's artwork is based on. It's not literally a sequel, because the plot of this first one sort of uh, precludes that, but there's Eliot; and the ocean; and Sam's one throwaway line in my BB where he mentions having hunted a selkie, alone, that summer Dean was in Hell! I'm tickled by the idea that both Sam and Dean have hunted selkies in the absence of the other, and neither of them is aware of this. And all that that implies interpersonally and thematically and whatnot.

ALSO. I was looking at my Gmail today, and apparently this artwork is the 201st piece I've had the pleasure of reading/viewing this year! This number is only obliquely significant in the sense that filming for Episode 200 just wrapped, but who needs an excuse to party, really.

Reply to this post with a number from 1-200, and I will give you a review of that fanwork. I'll tell you why I clicked on it, what I thought about it, who I think it would appeal to besides me, how I found it/came to read or view it... something!

THIS IS A REC-FOR-ALL, so feel free to ask for multiple numbers! But for the sake of organization, if you could post one number per comment, that'd be super helpful. Thanks!

But before you do that, don't forget to head over to amberdreams's journal and bask in her artwork, which I will very shamelessly link here one more time. :3