September 19th, 2014


Positivity Meme #5

It only took a week and a half to finish a 5-day meme, but whatever. XD This week was mostly not positive. Apologies for my very arbitrary and scattered commenting! Not that I think that's a thing that gets noticed. XD But I prefer to be thorough about my LJ commenting, and I hate feeling arbitrary and scattered, and I already felt arbitrary and scattered in all of the others realms of my life, and I do not like it when scattered arbitrariness compounds itself like that.

ANYWAY. Positivity!

1. Passed that examination, earned an amorphous MA, will continue PhD, received encouragement in my prospective area of research, preliminary go ahead for one of the chapters of my dissertation, and revision advice on how to prepare one of my seminar papers for article publication. Woohoo!

2. Discovered I have my left splits, both in the silks and on the ground. Next step: active splits, without relying on gravity to do any work for you.

3. Dreamed the SPN S10 premiere. The one I dreamed was like four hours long for some reason and mostly aimless bullshit and even as my mind was creating it I was sad there was definitely not enough Sam, so be glad that I did not dream-write the S10 premiere, BUT. BUT!

It took place primarily in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and demon!Dean hooked up with Meg, so there were definitely upsides the real one won't have. Meg had fallen in with (er, was bedding, manipulating, and then killing) a nest of vampires, which I can only assume was setting up this alterverse S10 for Dean/Meg/Benny threesomes, idk.

The important thing here, though, is MEG WAS THERE and it was fab. <3

Don't objectify me!

Inspired by my Meg-laced dream last night, after I got home today, I did not finish reading Jameson on postmodernism and late capitalism, I did not do my beta work, and I did not do laundry--all things I really, desperately need to do! But instead I watched all the episodes of Californication that Rachel Miner appeared in.

I hated it at first, because 1) I have a pre-existing bias against Showtime as a network, and 2) it is about everything I hate about everything, but...

1) Rachel Miner is sexy as fuck. She's got that hair and that voice and that closed-lip smile and those eyebrows and that little eyebrow quirk she does so well.

2) Californication has this stirring ability to chisel real, complexly written, interpersonally genuine characters out of the worst stereotypical debauchery TV and Hollywood have to offer.

3) The way the storyline surrounding Rachel Miner's character developed, and the way her story ended was actually quite deft. (This probably isn't going to sound deft when I summarize it, but basically, Rachel Miner plays this guy's incept secretary; she gets him hooked on her sexual humiliation/light BDSM; independently, his wife gets the hots for her, too, and suggests a threesome; Rachel Miner ends up having an affair with the wife. With a little manipulation, and a lot of blackmail and ambition, Rachel Miner also steals the guy's job as an agent out from under him and goes on to become a backstabbing but wildly successful agent for a girl who stole her boss's friends book manuscript and passes it off as her own. At the end of the second season, they all reunite at the book's release party, but the actual author of the book [the series's main character] doesn't villainize her character, or get righteous about all the foul play--it's the name of the game and she [and her client] did it well. They actually close out Rachel's storyline pretty amicably!)

4) No but really though, Rachel Miner. Also, her character DID INDEED HAVE A THREESOME, albeit not with Dean or Benny.

Makes me wish Butterfly Effect 3 were still streaming on Netflix--in that one she plays the disturbed sister of a guy named Sam, who has psychic boyking powers. (Their parents died in a fire, and he saved her from it.) Spoilers, but it turns out she's an incestuous, psychopathic whackjob and when Sam can't save her, he has to kill her. If 2x20's djinn was the nightmare djinn of 6x01, rather than the fantasy-granting breed, THAT MOVIE WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAN'S "WHAT IS AND WHAT SHOULD NEVER BE."

Of course, now that I've watched all that Rachel Miner, I am so fucked for time. Why do I do these things! /O\