September 20th, 2014

where's perry

8x19 "Taxi Driver"

borgmama1of5 is doing a rewatch of the later seasons of SPN before S10 premieres, and she's been posting really lovely, fascinating, in-depth reflections of all the episodes as she goes. To the great benefit of those of us whose rewatching hasn't yet made it past 2x01, because we're slow and very lame! XD

Anyway, she inspired me to revisit my thoughts on 8x19 "Taxi Driver," which are legion and are, I recognize, very much in the minority. I got a bit carried away, so I decided to post my reflections here instead of wrestling with LJ's comment character limit. Shared here mostly for posterity, for the accuracy of the fossil record, and for anyone who might find this useful and/or inspiring for future fanworks.

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