September 27th, 2014

everything ends


I think on most days I'm monofandom to the point where I can't actually watch anything unless I'm considering it in relation to SPN, however broadly defined "in relation to" might be. The exceptions being Law & Order, because L&O is silly and isn't really TV... it's just Law & Order. And The Fast and the Furious, because I have two families; and even if SPN mostly has custody over me, it doesn't take anything away from my love for the holidays I get to spend with Fast.

Often when I watch things, these things are at the disadvantage of having to fight a (losing) battle with SPN for a place in my heart. So I don't often watch other things, because it's not fair to them. Even though, uh, they're TV shows and therefore do not have the capacity to care whether it's a fair fight or not. XD

But I watched S4 of The Killing this weekend, and it was okay. S1/2 will always be my favorites, though S4 revolves around what is arguably one of my favorite kinds of Awful Circumstances, so by rights I should be over the moon about it; idk, I felt like it didn't have the searing artistry that drew me to the series in the first place. It's well worth watching, but I kept thinking to myself like, if The Killing meant to me what SPN means to me, I'd be kind of disappointed by this as a finale.

And then I thought, ha, if this were SPN it wouldn't even matter to me, because I'd be crying like a baby anyway. Which is to say, well done, The Killing.