September 28th, 2014

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[Fanmix] WORST SPN FANMIX EVER, Track 01: "Tiger Took My Family" by Dr. Bombay

In honor of the S10 premiere countdown, I have put together a labor of love.


Yeah, I know. XP I am a terrible person. But hear me out! What I'll be posting over the next nine days is a collection of songs that have absolutely no business being related to SPN, but are, for better or worse, indelibly linked to it for me. In my mind, there's very little that exists at a remove from SPN; by default, everything is SPN because SPN is real life right? Which I honestly do think is a testament to some pretty amazing fannish love that I'm proud to have and hold in my heart.

On the other hand, it makes for some pretty fucking lousy associations, which one can either chose to find hilarious or appalling. Or appallingly hilarious.

I PROMISE YOU the songs I plan to share get progressively less awful and less unrelated; and by the end of this Worst Fanmix Ever, they're actually pretty legit. But I can't pretend the first half of this fanmix isn't a thing in my mind--full disclosure, y'know?

So, Tune #1... I present to you "SOS (The Tiger Took My Family)" by Dr. Bombay!!

S O S the tiger took my father
S O S the tiger took my brother
S O S the tiger took my mother
S O S the tiger took my family

One day in the warm jungle the Tiger took my snake
It wasn't really fun it was a big mistake
I took my brother's slingshot and shot the tiger down (Bang!)
This is howw we do it here in Tigerland

I couldn't tell you what Pandora station I was listening to to attract this lovely relic, but I can safely say that it is awful in all possible ways--it's a bad song, and it's horribly, horribly racist and offensive. And for once it's actually not (directly) America's fault! We have Sweden to blame for this one.

Anyway, I suffered through this song once upon a time in like 2009, it melded with the ever-present SPN in my head, and somehow it became the trashy Eurodance soundtrack to S1/2 Dean's storyline. (Just in case you're still reeling from that video, a clarification: the tiger is the Yellow-Eyed Demon and the slingshot is the Colt.)

I've been carrying the burden of this deep, dark musical secret for five goddamn years, so I hope now y'all can't unsee it either; I need company. XD How I manage to still take Dean seriously after this, I'm not sure--BUT I THINK THAT'S ANOTHER TESTAMENT TO FANNISH LOVE. NOT EVEN TRASHY RACIST EURODANCE MUSIC CAN PUT OUT MY FIRE.

Stay tuned for significantly less horrible (but still silly) music tomorrow!

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