September 30th, 2014

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[Fanmix] WORST SPN FANMIX EVER, Track 03: "I Was Born to Touch Your Feelings" by Scorpions

Short post today, because I am exhausted and I'm teaching in 15 hours. We started a new unit on Monday and I have no clue what I'm doing.

Track 01: Tiger Took My Family by Dr. Bombay
Track 02: Today is Gonna Be a Great Day by Bowling For Soup


Track 03: "I Was Born to Touch Your Feelings" by Scorpions

Okay, so just consider that title for a moment. Now that you've done so, answer me this: How is that not the perfect Dean/Castiel song? It demonstrates a profound bond, metaphysical touching, and absolutely zero concept of personal space!

No, but seriously. Scorpions is a terrible band and also one of my favorite bands; and if you're not loving deeply terrible things, you're really not Dean or Cas, or Dean and Cas together.

Beyond the title, the lyrics to this song really aren't that important or impressive, but the speaker intimates that he was born of "the sound of the string," and is of music--is himself a song. A song that infiltrates your mind and changes you from the inside out. A song that wishes for your freedom.

You were born just to lose or to win
to be someone's chime in the wind
to live between your mind and feelings
find your way, check it out, learn each day
follow the light , it's not in vain
and you will see I'll touch your feelings.

you've got your songs, they are everyday
for a while. just the only way
to feel all right.

Of course, this song is an overlong 7 minutes, randomly contains a middle section of Japanese-language monologue (wtf?), and is just all-around kind of...shitty!

And as much as I love the idea of Dean and Castiel sublimating into music, I think there are things about their relationship (and the faults are to be found in both parties) that necessitate that that ~profound bond show its ragged edges, too.

I dunno if anyone on my flist ships it (y'all are mostly Sam!girls, so I'm going to guess there aren't a WHOLE lot of D/C OTPers out there), but if you don't, don't worry. The next three songs are questionably appropriate shipping anthems, too! XD