October 5th, 2014

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[Fanmix] WORST SPN FANMIX EVER, Track 08: "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel

As perhaps you've noticed, as promised the songs on this Worst fanmix have actually gotten less Worst. The last two are 100% legitimate, because I take this show too seriously to open my experience of S10 with 100% crack. Let how seriously I take this show be the ridiculous part of the rest of this.

Track 01: Tiger Took My Family by Dr. Bombay (YED)
Track 02: Today is Gonna Be a Great Day by Bowling For Soup (3x11)
Track 03: I Was Born to Touch Your Feelings by Scorpions (Dean/Cas)
Track 04: You're the One That I Want from Grease (Sam/Ruby)
Track 05: Everywhere by Michelle Branch (Sam/Dean)
Track 06: I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie (S8)
Track 07: Counting Stars by One Republic (Dean)


Track 08: "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel (and in this case, Mumford & Sons)

The Best of Simon & Garfunkel is the first album I ever personally owned; so S&G are very special to me. And I have a sort-of rule for not attaching them and subsuming them under fandom, because they "deserve" to be an entity unto themselves in my heart. (Oh, don't look at me like that. XP) But I'd always connected "The Boxer" to "ran away to Flagstaff" and Stanford!era Sam, anyway.

About a month after the S8 finale, my housemates and I went to a Mumford & Sons concert down in Chula Vista, which for geography's sake is about 10 minutes from the US-Mexico border. Several years beore, when we were moved into our house in San Diego, I'd been writing my Big Bang for the year--and that had been pre-series brotherfic set in National City (which is slightly north of Chula Vista and south of San Diego.) Word of advice: Don't try to write a Big Bang while you're moving. In the competition for your time and attention, THE MOVING IS GOING TO WIN. /O\

But the point is, teenage Winchesters inaugurated that house for me, and this concert bid me adieu; in less than a month we'd be moving out of it and I'd be living San Diego for Michigan.

So naturally, when Mumford & Sons started playing "The Boxer" my mind leapt to Sam FUCKING Winchester and 8x23 and S8 in general, and Sam's whole life in general, and Sam's life into the future--which at the time was slightly tenuous!

If I chose a song to represent Sam to me, it'd be this one. It's also my personal favorite Simon & Garfunkel song of all time. But if I'm going to share its space in my heart with someone, I'm happy that it's with Sam. <3

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[Fic] SPN S9 Episode Tag Masterlist

My goal for last season was to write a tag or inspired-by fic for every episode of S9. I didn't actually make this goal, but I did end up writing more fic for S9 than I have for any other season (at least, while it was airing). In my defense, though, some of these fics are pretty long, and a lot of them cover a lot more of S9 than just the episode they tag off from. I still have WIPs I'm working on for 9x01 (SECRET), 9x06 (Cas grows endives), and 9x13 (Donna/Lisa); maybe I'll try to do a few drabbles for the other remaining episodes at some point, so I can finish this out.

But as of this coming Tuesday, my plan for life is an S7/8 fic for fandomaid, the 9x01 fic for fandomaid, and ALL THE S10 EPISODE TAGS. This time I'm gonna make it!!

Hold me to this, flist!

9x01 "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"
9x02 "Devil May Care"

9x03 "I'm No Angel": the one about April Kelly's reaper, and the one about April Kelly's mother
9x04 "Slumber Party": Dean fails pretty hard at actually getting Kevin any falafel and wanders around Branston, MO
9x05 "Dog Dean Afternoon"
9x06 "Heaven Can't Wait"

9x07 "Bad Boys": the pre-series Winchesters take a paying gig
9x08 "Rock and a Hard Place": Dean wanders through the bunker and ends up flooding it
9x09 "Holy Terror"
9x10 "Road Trip": the real owner of the pimpmobile and how he met Cas
9x11 "First Born": Sam and Dean turn into whales and go get the First Blade themselves
9x12 "Sharp Teeth": the 21 hours after Sam and Dean reunite as "co-workers"
9x13 "The Purge"
9x14 "Captives": Linda Tran mourns her son (and goes to Monaco),
9x15 "#THINMAN"
9x16 "Blade Runners"

9x17 "Mother's Little Helper": wtf the Winchesters are even allegedly researching this season
9x18 "Meta Fiction": the Mark has a conversation with Dean and Dean privately loses it and dreams Mary, and an outsider POV is terrorized by S9 Dean, and Sam lets it happen
9x19 "Alex Annie Alexis Ann"
9x20 "Bloodlines": the one where Ennis's girlfriend is a werewolf
9x21 "King of the Damned": Hell knows Dean better than Abaddon is aware
9x22 "Stairway to Heaven"
9x23 "Do You Believe in Miracles?": demon!Dean has a talk with Layla Rourke's mom, post-demon!Dean Winchesters's lives intertwine with a commercial beekeeper and her truckful of bees, and the AU where Dean becomes bees

[not a spn post]

I'd say it was too early in the year to be crying about this, but I already preemptively started with the crying in mid-September, so. From Tyrese's FB today:

This photo was taken in Nobu in Vegas - seems like yesterday!! I was in Vegas recently and walked by that exact booth and had a moment I almost cried..... We were so happy that day just being silly and talking about sexy girls.....


But this makes me happy. From earlier this week: 8 Reasons Why Tyrese Gibson is the Absolute Best.

"Let's get our crazy show back home."

THIS IS A DAY OF MANY POSTS but I'm sitting here trying to figure out

- how to explain rhetorical analysis
- how to pronounce Kiese Laymon's name
- why my students don't understand what "ethos" means


It's this Tuesday, guys. This!! Tuesday!! Or Wednesday for me, but hell with it I don't even care. XD THIS TUESDAY.

In Dean's words, Let's get our crazy show back home. <3