October 12th, 2014


Oh, and also some whales.

ALSO. Before I forget, this too! Marine biologists have been using unmanned aerial vehicles to study and monitor killer whale populations unobtrusively. This particular article is about the Northern Resident Killer Whales in BC. It's really interesting to see the sort of data they've been able to collect with these cameras, and also what potential these images have to broadcast that data intelligibly to the lay public (as Rich Press notes toward the end of the Podcast/videocast segment). There's so much to be learned from these aerial views of the shapes of individuals, their life processes (illness/death as well as pregnancy), their interaction/pod styles, etc.

Also also, because I am rationality impaired and a chronic SPN-goggler, the story about the two brother whales made me cry. XP IF YOU TWO ENJOY BROTHERS WHO TRAVEL TOGETHER UNTIL ONE DAY A BROTHER VANISHES AND THE OTHER REMAINS TO TRAVEL SOLO, YOU MIGHT ENJOY THAT PART OF THIS SHORT PODCAST, TOO. On the upside, this brother whale likely sifted to the bottom of the ocean and became the plentiful feeding grounds to all kinds of interesting microbes and worms, which is probably a lot more useful than becoming a ghost, going to Heaven, going to Hell, going to a Cage in Hell, going to Purgatory, or anything else that other pair of brothers has ever done!