October 13th, 2014


Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? [Spoilers 10x01]

Apparently my overall reaction to 10x01 is to channel Virginia Woolf. If that means there's Waves and cases that lead Sam and Dean To The Lighthouse in S10's future, I am all for this! XDD Not!fic, not!meta, per Virginia Woolf.

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P.S. Okay, so the past tense I played with last time was an interesting toy. But MAN THE SUBJUNCTIVE CASE. I'M KIND OF OVER-ENAMORED RIGHT NOW. *_*

[New Community!] spnspiration

Hey guys! steeplechasers and I made a thing, and we'd love to have you allllll come play! <3

spnspiration spnspiration spnspiration

spnspiration is dedicated to the experimental side of The CW's Supernatural, and fandom's artistic play across all manner of mediums and unexpected genres and literary/artistic/filmic/etc. conventions. Similar to Tumblr's "inspiration" blogs, we also accept posts with photographs, articles, art pieces, etc. that remind you of SPN and that you hope will inspire fanworks!

what is 'experimental'?
If it's an experiment to you, it's an experiment to us! Maybe you're writing in an unusual point of view, or a strange narrative convention, or drawing in a style/medium off fandom's (already quite heterogeneous!) norm. Maybe you're writing an interpretation of events or characters that isn't what fandom always expects. Or maybe you've made a thing, but it just feels so strange to you (for whatever reason, ever) you're not sure it will find its intended audience out in fandom proper. If you think it's "our kind of weird," trust us, it's out kind of weird. It's definitely not just a freak medical thing. In short:


This includes fic, art, meta, vids, inspiration, recs, and yes, also just straight-up recs and SPN/craft-related conversation.

This coming WEDNESDAY we'll be launching an "experimental spn" bingo, so definitely keep an eye out for that. If you want a sneak peek, check out this glossary of experimental terms steeplechasers made for the bingo square options! :DD How psyched does that list make you feel? It makes me feel pretty psyched.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to ask!