October 17th, 2014

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[Fic] we call them comic stories - Cole, dialogue-only, 10x02 tag, experimental fanworks bingo

Ugh, I feel like I haven't written anything in a glacial age. Not sure about this one; I always feel like my dialogue gets too cute and overdetermined when there's so much of it (and there's nothing else to help carry the burden). But I guess that's what the experimental bingo is for, right!! Of course, if you do "have something bad to say about this fic," you are more than welcome to. XD

Title: we call them comic stories
Genre: gen, episode tag, dialogue-only
Characters: Cole, Mrs. Cole, peripheral Cole, Jr., peripheral Sam
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1200
Summary: Cole's wife is writing a book. It's a book about killing Dean Winchester.
Notes: For my spnspiration bingo prompt, "dialogue only." Missing scene/director's cut of the phone call that spared Sam much agony, inspired by all this talk of "good men" and "bad men" and demons and such-like. And of course, my rabid love for Action Man. Spoilers 10x02.

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The best possible fandom problem to have: Omg how am I going to read this all.

All the posts! All the fanworks! All the LJ, all the time! You keep doin' what you're doing, LJ, you're making me sooooo very happy right now. :D Even if the completionist OCD in me is totally spazzing out. XD

Self-Reflection: "we call them comic stories"

I still haven't replied to your delightful and thoughtful comments on the Ruland piece (and concrit/writing stuff in fandom), but in a similar spirit, I think what I'd like to have out of fandom is the ability to be more public and open about things that aren't just praise. While I think it probably misunderstands the community of fandom to offer unsolicited criticism of others' work (since you really don't know how the writer intended the piece, or what their goals were for it, or what it means to them personally--and this is not our career), I also think being open about criticisms of your own work is just as, if not more, useful.

So I'd like to be more open about like, what a shitty rough draft looks like, or what unedited flash fiction looks like (and that the state of being unedited, and unpolished, and still FINISHED and DONE, is fucking okay!), or what criticisms I have of the things that I write. Because I know I've said this before, and even attempted this before, but this is a SPN journal and a SPN fan fic journal, and all of these other stages and processes of writing are things I'd like for this journal to do, too. Because I think they're really important and totally undervalued as part of the act of writing.

SO. TL;DR. Some reflections on "we call them comic stories"...

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