October 20th, 2014

free fall

Well, clearly SOMEONE watched a bunch of SPN this weekend...

Subtle spnfiltrations everywhere... FOR POSTERITY:

Dear Student X,

Thanks for the questions! Ultimately, the core of your rhetorical analysis paper should be the argument you have about the argument (more specifically, the way it's been presented). The evidence on which you should base your argument is the way the article has been written--that is, its rhetorical devices. You might end up briefly summarizing the article as you give context for the claims you're making. For example:

"Warrant's hit single "Cherry Pie" is a song about sex and sexual satisfaction [summary], making significant use of metaphorically charged and suggestive language [a rhetorical device] to engender erotic feeling in its listeners. Historically, according to Y source, sweet, dripping desserts have been equated with sexuality, and the song takes advantage of that [the context that makes this argument seem plausible]."

In this thesis statement, we'd be making an argument about the why the song is constructed in the way that it is--or why its argument takes the form that it does. Then, we'd use the context to demonstrate that there's an actual reason the metaphors it uses would contribute to the song's sexual appeal.

Alternatively, we could argue that the song employs x, y, or z rhetorical trick in order to engender erotic feeling in its listeners, but it fails because these rhetorical moves are ineffective. And we might cite some of the lyrics (that is, summarize the argument), so that we might then explain why the lyrics are flawed. We could cite some additional context (the fact that the song ranks on a "Worst Songs Ever Made" list) to further situate the point we're making in a broader conversation.
I couldn't help it, okay. I was just telling toratio how much I unironically loved that song, and then [Spoiler (click to open)]THEY HAD DO GO AND USE IT IN THE EPISODE. Do you have any idea how many days straight I've had that song stuck in my head by now? XP

But I DID refrain from making a reference to Golden Earring lyrics none of my students were going to understand, so that's something, right?