October 22nd, 2014

where's perry

What the fuck is wrong with this show????


I am, at this moment, more in love with SPN than I have ever been before, and let me tell you, that is a hiiiiiigh bar to be transcending. This is not how this is supposed to work. And I haven't even seen 10x03 yet!!

I was just watching a cultural commentary video, because it's part of the lesson plan for the more experienced instructor I'm supposed to be observing tomorrow. The commentary itself is about Frozen, but there's a split-second moment where Supernatural is referenced and I nearly had a glee heart attack just because the word came up. This is worse than that time I was taking that 18th/19th century British literature class, and every time my professor said the word "supernatural" (lowercase S) I felt it in a deep, visceral way that had really very little to do with 18th/19th century British literature.

tl;dr Just in case I haven't been clear, because I so rarely talk about it here, I love this fucking show.

ALSO, forget LJ exodus and fandom depopulation and all that noise. There are soooo many goodies going around it's making me so sad I can't keep up with all of them! I'm totally gunning for like, a day this weekend where I can just sit down and read/view all my flist's wonderful things and all spn_x's wonderful things, and all of spnspiration's wonderful things, and then revisit all of spn_summergen's wonderful things so I can go stalk the authors of all my favorite fics (THOUGH I AM ALREADY STALKING MANY OF YOU, AHAHA), and also steeplechasers's new masterlist and all of the wonderful things that entails (also I miss you already bb even though I'M PRETTY SURE WE TALKED BRIEFLY LIKE, YESTERDAY--I hope you have the time of your life at ChiCon with Casey!!), and caranfindel's new long!fic, which looks delicious. Y'all are making me extremely happy and excited and intellectually/emotionally stimulated. <33333333

Also, I'm pretty sure commenting on fan fiction and beta-reading for fandom has given me the endurance to survive teaching. SO MANY COMMENTS ON SO MANY PAPERS. SO MANY. Today I spent two and a half straight hours working with just two of my students on their current papers (and went straight from that to a planning meeting, to another planning meeting; between all that talk and teaching this morning, my throat is so sore/my voice is dyyying, gah, XP). And there will be more tomorrow. And Friday. And ever after. But hooooly marathon---! But anyway, as I was saying. This would be so much more exhausting if I didn't have all this fandom training. XD

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Oh god, as an addendum to that post, I CAN FEEL AN ATTACK OF OVERZEALOUS LOVE COMING ON. That point where everything is just so great and so excited and so wow, and all my students are great and my colleagues are great and my Facebook feed full of people from all parts of my life are great and you guys (naturally, as discussed earlier) are great, and my across-the-street-neighbor-soulmate is great. I'm this close to sending bizarrely affectionate, uncontextualized text messages to all my family members. And suddenly Simple Plan is the most emotional thing ever, and Nirvana is DOWNRIGHT PROFOUND.

And okay, just for the record, I swear to you I am not drunk, on drugs, or otherwise influenced. I AM NOT.
free fall


[Spoiler (click to open)]:D

I have so many hearts and so many loves for this episode. SEE PREVIOUS TWO POSTS FOR CONTEXT. OR MAYBE NOT. WHO NEEDS CONTEXT.


SPN HAS LEGIT THE WORST FLASHBACK SEQUENCES OF ALL TIME. FOREVER AND SINCE FOREVER. And I feel like every time they have a guest director (here meaning either JA or Misha Collins) the whole studio is just like, BY GOLLY, IT SURE IS TIME FOR SOME TERRIBLE FLASHBACKS. Which is endearing in its own way, but I do not understand their fondness for these tragic things. XD