October 23rd, 2014


Setting a record for number of ridiculous posts in a row right now.

God, it's going to be that kind of week. XP That is, a SPN kind of week. Not that every...week...isn't already a SPN kind of week, but the ones where you watch the episode and then suddenly the entire inner narrative of your life undergoes increasingly laughable SPN translations, and everything is like, "SAD SAM AND DEAN BUY GROCERIES, JUST LIKE ME. SAD SAM AND DEAN DO GRAD SCHOOL DO RESEARCH. SAD SAM AND DEAN BAKE A PIE."

So I guess now I'm soaking beans for a pie? For Dean? (And also Sam, because who can say no to bean pie?)

[Exceptionally superficial, largely unspoilery 10x03 thoughts]I have many thoughts and many emotions about 10x03, aside from its appalling use of flashbacks, but for now:

1. HANNAH BB. <333

2. I am so glad I posted that mixed media fic before 10x03, because LOL otherwise it would have been rendered entirely irrelevant. BUT I'M GLAD WE'RE ON THE SAME PAGE, SHOW. <3

3. Speaking of that fic, when I switched a piece of it from prose to script, I thought about editing the narration for this part; it seemed like fairly useless stage direction, because it was all so internal? But I kept it for the sake of preserving the text as artifact, and because I decided that with these guys, and this show? Yeah, they could convey that, no problem.

With respect to JA and JP's performances: Fucking. Nailed. It!!

Self-Reflection on "Gone Fishing"

Continuing with the reflection/critique/transparency deal I have with myself, my thoughts on Gone Fishing. Which, like the April Kelly fics, was mostly just written by me, for just me.

Probably more than any other single piece, Alice Walker's short story "Flowers" has proved critical in my writing, and my understanding of what I want out of my writing. And I feel like every couple months, I basically write something that I recognize later as my attempt at writing "Flowers." XD I'll probably keep at this for all eternity, because anything I do will never be "Flowers," but maybe, one day, will hopefully be something satisfying to me in a similar but differentiable way.

What "Flowers" absolutely just rocks is the idea of a quiet horror. Expansive and unspeakable, and more than that, to powerful it is unnecessary to speak. I feel like a lot of the time, we end up considering things that are more splashy, more expansive, more extreme, by default more horrific. And the more baroque the language, the more heinous the visual, the more extended the experience (40 YEARS OF HELL), the more emblematic of the genre we consider these things to be. But "Flowers" does more with less, and I am so deeply on board with that project. And I want to be a part of that project. I want to be able to do the thing where there's this tiny infinitesimal thing that happens, and that alone gets the fucking job done. That's what I aspire to.

By which I mean to say, if you haven't read "Flowers," RECTIFY THIS IMMEDIATELY. It's a short 586 words (all of which are perfection).

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Edit: Oh my god, this is even more derivative of "Flowers" than I thought it was, re-reading Walker's story now. XD I haven't actually read it since 2005. TRY A LITTLE HARDER TO PLAGIARIZE WHY DON'T YOU, KALLIEL.

Do you guys have a "Flowers" in your writing life???