October 25th, 2014

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I wish LJ would understand that I do not require or desire a sidebar that shows me the most popular posts on LJ, which is basically just the equivalent of adding ONTD to my flist--which, if I wanted it on my flist, IT'D BE THERE.

A sidebar offering up the most popular posts on journals/communities I do watch, or communities that cross-index a lot of their membership with those that I watch, on the other hand, I'd be fine with. I feel like that algorithm would not be that much more complicated to implement.
everything ends

Next up in my informal, ongoing series of "masterful storytelling moments I should steal someday"...

Last time: the closing scene of the pilot of AMC's The Killing (2011)

This time: 1x05 of ZDF's Bron/Broen (2011)

One of the detectives cheats on his wife, and ends up leaving his wallet at the woman's house. When his partner comes to dinner, she returns the wallet, saying that the woman (from whom he was supposed to be retrieving business records) turned it in at the station. Even though at this point in time the wife is entirely unsuspicious as to the adultery, and the moment passes without suspicion, it's just enough to make the whole family dinner scene uncomfortable.

Later in the episode, the character is getting into bed with his wife, and when he drops his pants, his wallet falls out of the pocket, suggesting both to him and the viewer how he lost it the first time. And again, it's not a dramatic moment; it's just kind of in there, and it creates exactly the kind of shamed awkwardness that's going through the character's mind--and both this shot and the dinner scene shot are taken from a wide angle, rather than focusing in on his facial expressions or his movements, which I feel like is more typical of shots that are trying to establish the inner narratives of characters. (If someone is looking at photographs nostalgically, for instance, the camera will show close-ups of the photos, the character's hands, their facial expression as they view these photos.)

Instead, these scenes hail you into this character's mind while simultaneously keeping you at a visual distance.

I'm not sure how you'd translate that into writing, but it was awesome and understated and unusual (to me).

[Rec] Untitled by gatorgurl94

So I really enjoyed this untitled fic by gatorgurl94. Sam POV (second person), ~600 words, spoilers 10x03.

There's this ferocious intensity to the prose of this that's totally intoxicating to me. It sears the scene it sets into your mind. Idk, I just really like this AU variant on 10x03. But I'll let the writing speak for itself. An excerpt!:

[spoilers 10x03 I guess?]
“Is that it? That all you've got? That supposed to, what? Hurt me? Convince me you’re not worth saving? That you don’t care?”

He stares at you with dead eyes, jaw clenched shut. His face flushed with anger.

“If that’s the case, you’re going to have to do much better than that.”

“Fuck you,” he spits.

You smile then. The calculated, empty smile you wear for every other monster. “A lot better. You keep forgetting. I spent nearly two centuries with Lucifer rooting around in my head, pulling back every curtain, unearthing every secret, twisting every memory.”

You stab the syringe he clearly didn't realize you had right into his neck. He gags. Seizes. Gasps for breath.

Read the rest!