November 1st, 2014

free fall

[Rec] "Peace Attend Thee" by anactoria

By now I'm sure you're all aware (those of you for whom this information is relevant, in any case!) that 10x03 totally rocked it with the tag fics. Like, ridiculous treasure trove of riches levels of rocked it.

Here's one that you should not miss. It's titled Peace Attend Thee, written by anactoria; 600 words, Castiel/2nd person POV, about Cas and Sam and Dean and Hannah and grace and grief so much more. Her summary: A year after Dean sends you away from the bunker to save Sam, Sam calls you back there to save Dean. There is a symmetry to this that suggests completion.

And, purloined from my comment to the fic: This is the kind of piece where I read it and think, this is so beautiful. This is so unmistakable. This is so together and insightful and elegant and controlled--this is something I would like to write like, one day. Like, I cannot overstate how great I find this.

Reaaaad it! <3333