November 6th, 2014

free fall


I was just looking at a SPN episode number--9x02--and something seemed aesthetically off about it. I was like, that looks weird! It's missing a digit! (Though the fic in question really was a tag to 9x02; it wasn't mislabeled or anything like that.) Single digit seasons just look weird now.

Welcome to S10. ♥
free fall

For science

Poll #1988183 If Dean had died during

If Dean had died during "In My Time of Dying" and John and Sam hit the road with the Colt...

super short series. They'd have killed each other!
super short series. They'd have killed the YED and avoided dalliances with clowns and such!
Series Regular Gordon Walker
John/Ellen UST
wait but if no one makes a crossroads deal in 2x01, that totally throws the thematic resonance of 2x08
and wow, how awkward would this do make "Heart"
so many fewer people would get saved in this AU
on the upside, probably no Apocalypse, so at least Jimmy Novak is happy
wait, what's Jimmy doing during S2
this AU would demonstrate how critical Sam and Dean's partnership is
this AU would demonstrate that it actually doesn't matter that much
omg, existential crisis
this AU would demonstrate that Sam and Dean's partnership is the worst thing that's ever happened to their world
this poll has been unnecessarily traumatic
can we just AU "Tall Tales" or something instead?
I have better offerings from the realm of "you're supposed to be at work right now" collection of ticky boxes. See comments!
free fall

Silly Meme

1. Dean
2. Uriel, the funniest angel in the garrison! Fuck yeah Robert Wisdom!
3. the demon in 10x03 who chose self-immolation over serving in Crowley's Hell -- that guy is so underrated, seriously
4. "evil," idk but I loved Jeffrey (and his demon) from 7x15 "Repo Man"
5. S6, 9, or 10
6. variable, but often it's 1x14 "Nightmare"
7. Lisa/Meg, Lisa/Donna, Sam/Dean, weird fascination with Dean/Richie (that guy from "Sin City")
8. Michael--the threat of him, moreso than his actuality
9. Charlie in 9x04 and Gabriel in 9x18; they're great elsewhere, though!
10. Rachel Miner ♥
11. "Most folks live and die without moving more than the dirt it takes to bury them. You get to change things. Save people." -- Zachariah, of all people

God, these answers make me look like a freak of nature when they're all lined out like that! >.<

But really now. Zachariah's quote, immolation!demon, and "Nightmare"? Totally underrated! And yes yes, one of these days I will get over 9x04. XD But 6x09 had to pass the baton to something!